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Monday, March 14, 2016

Trump: 'Kasich will move your factories to Mexico'

Do Americans Still Have Their Balls?

  • The "Conservatives" say not to vote for The Donald. because he is not a Conservative. Since 1995 what has a Conservative GOP Congress given us? Millions of jobs sent overseas, millions of illegal and legal immigrants, a military that has been gutted, trillions of new debt and endless foreign wars.
  • The Fate of America  -  Do Americans still have their balls attached and vote Trump? Or have they been brainwashed by their "betters" to continue a journey into poverty and unemployment?

Donald Trump:  "Right here [in Cleveland] We've got on the left, you have Ford, the Ford Foundry. And that's moving to Mexico. And on the right you have Eaton. And that's moving to Mexico."

"It is crazy, what we're doing to our country is crazy... I'm a conservative person, but I'm in theory not so conservative on trade. Any direction I can point to, you're losing jobs, you're losing your plants. We're not going to let it happen any more."

The middle class, the workers, aren't being taken care of in this country. We're losing our jobs, we're losing our factories, they're going to China, they're going to Mexico. 

But your governor, I don't know if you know this, this is a tremendous problem. Your governor when he was a congressman voted for NAFTA. He was a managing director of Lehmen Brothers when it failed. It went bankrupt and almost destroyed the world [economy]. Lehmen Bros. was the beginning, of a tremendous mass destruction. and [Kasich] was a managing director of Lehmen Bros...

He's now in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It is a disaster. It is going to ruin your car industry, totally ruin it, and believe me, that deal is very bad for a lot of reasons. Number one, you shouldn't sign with that many countries. Did you know the document is almost 7,000 pages long? And nobody from our country has read it. But the other countries have all read it and they know every word, it is just another way to take advantage of jobs, manufacturing and everything else in the U.S., we're not going to let it happen anymore. 
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