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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Open borders Scott Walker endorses Open Borders Cruz

Scott Walker & Ted Cruz
Have Screwed Us Over
Scott Walker and the GOP Elites don't give a 
flying fuck about American citizen workers

By Gary;

I was first alerted to what a traitor Scott Walker is way back in June, 2015.

Not being a member of Congress, Scott Walker could easily have danced around answering questions on the top secret Obamatrade bill that was locked up where no one was allowed to see it.  

Instead the fool Walker came out in favor of the corrupt Obamatrade bill that he did not read. A bill that will gut what is left of industrial America and ship millions more jobs to Asia.

Now Walker puts his stamp of approval on fellow "free trader" Ted Cruz.

Mike Huckabee put it well, “I think there is an obvious question here – if this trade bill is going to create so many jobs and be so good for American workers, why are we setting aside billions of dollars to protect people that are going to lose all of these jobs that we’re supposed to create? I have not heard anyone address that.” 

And you never will get honest answers.

The "free traders" are on the payroll of, or receive campaign money from, multinational corporations who have no interest in American citizen workers. Their only interest is to reduce labor costs to near zero with foreign workers.

Trump is right. We need a level playing field. But non-thinking GOP voters are more interested in Cruz praying to Jesus than protecting their own jobs.

Carrier Air Conditioner Moving 1,400 Jobs to Mexico

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