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Friday, February 13, 2015

Norwegians take command in ISIS

Norwegians Running ISIS
Ain't multi-culturalism wonderful?

Some Islamist fighters from Norway are believed to have taken leading positions within Islamic States, according to the Norwegian Intelligence Service chief. A hundred and fifty Norwegians are thought to be fighting along terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

“We believe that some of the Norwegians in Isil [Isis] have risen to middle-management functions,” Kjell Grandhagen, the head of the Norwegian Intelligence Service, told Dagbladet newspaper.

“There are still several Norwegians who hold leadership positions in Isil,” Grandhagen told the newspaper.

He gave the example of ISIS commander Bastian Vasquez, a Norwegian of Chilean extraction who was reportedly killed in the fall, and an unnamed Norwegian of Eritrean parentage also known as an ISIS commander. A hundred and fifty Norwegians have joined ISIS according to the police authorities, Dagbladet reports.

Kjell Grandhagen claims Norwegians fighting for the ISIS were radicalized in the Profetens Ummah group which is active in eastern Norway close to the capital Oslo reports RT News.

He explains it is a great threat to Norway as Norwegians who get combat experience in Syria and Iraq can use it back in their native country. Being in ISIS-controlled territory they are in touch with radicals from other countries, and in the future they can easily return to Norway as they possess valid passports and then commit a terrorist act or form an Islamist cell.

“We believe there is a significant terrorist danger against Norway,” the intelligence chief said. “There is a danger with returnees who can form cells in the West. And there is the psychological impact - people who are attracted by ideology, but who never even been in Iraq or Syria, which is calling for action and then perform it with the funds are available.”

ISIS Bloopers
This video is wrong on so many levels . . . 
but it is funnier than Hell.

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