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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Open Borders Parties Ahead in UK

Britain is Islam

In the coming British elections only one party, the UKIP, wants to end wide open borders and the massive importation of Muslims and eastern European cheap labor.  Both "Conservatives" and Leftists have joined together to protect immigration.

If the current polls stand Britain will cease to exist.

Average of Polls

33%  - - - - - Conservative
33%  - - - - - Labour
15%  - - - - - UKIP
7%    - - - - - Liberal Democrat
7%    - - - - - Green



Labour promises Scots higher pensions
When in doubt, bribe the voters with their own tax money while keeping the borders wide open.

(London Telegraph)  -  Gordon Brown is to put himself at the head of a desperate bid to save Labour from general election defeat with an audacious plan to allow Scotland to pay higher pensions and welfare benefits than the rest of Britain.

The former Prime Minister will also use a high-profile press conference, organised by the party, to promise that a Labour victory will mean Scotland getting the power to create entirely new benefits that are unavailable south of the Border.

His move, which is certain to anger and create further divisions amongst people in the rest of the UK, comes ahead of a new survey which is expected this week to show that the SNP is still on track to win a huge number of seats in Scotland.

Senior Labour strategists described the plan as an attempt to regain the constitutional initiative from the SNP, with one saying: “We are talking here about a new power for the Scottish Parliament not a firm spending commitment.”

Scottish Nationalists May Crush Labour Party

David Cameron will be propelled back into Downing Street after the general election thanks to the SNP taking seats off Labour in Scotland, according to a detailed constituency analysis.

Professor Richard Rose, director of the Centre for the Study of Public Policy at the University of Strathclyde, predicted the Tories will lose seats and Labour will make gains.

But he forecast that Ed Miliband will not be able to overhaul the Tories’ 48-seat advantage from the 2010 general election and will remain 19 behind thanks to the surge in support for the Nationalists in Scotland.

He predicted the number of SNP seats will surge from only six to 45, while Labour’s total north of the Border will collapse from 41 to ten.

Although Ukip will also experience a large increase in support, he said the way in which their vote is spread across the country will mean they pick up only four seats.

The net result would be a hung parliament with the Tories the largest party, according to the analysis. It said they could rule as a minority Government as the Liberal Democrats will only win 13 seats, too few to hold the balance of power.

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When given a clear opportunity to vote for a party to control endless immigration the British appear to support wide open borders.

2015 UK Parliamentary Election Forecast

Chris Hanretty, University of East Anglia
Benjamin Lauderdale, London School of Economics
Nick Vivyan, Durham University
Our model combines data provided by YouGov with publicly released polls, historical election results, and data from the UK Census. Daily updates to the website are posted by Jack Blumenau, London School of Economics, most recently on 02 February 2015 at 17:10.

(Election Forecast.co.uk)

Warning to American Readers
American voters please do not be frightened of this poll or the map below.  This is what the rest of the world calls a free election.  You see, free elections are where voters have many real choices on their ballot instead of the corrupt two party only American oligarchy.

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