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Friday, February 13, 2015

Oh The Horror - Yemen Might Fall Apart

Be Afraid - Yemen Might Collapse
"Yemen is collapsing before our eyes. 
We cannot stand by and watch."

(Editor  -  The Elites try to frighten us with the "horror" of Yemen collapsing.  Sorry, but I have no interest in the "territorial integrity" of new countries that never really existed before in history.)

Sanaa (AFP)  -  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned Thursday that Yemen was falling apart and called for action to avert chaos, as Al-Qaeda fighters overran an army camp and seized heavy weaponry.

The UN chief was reporting to the 15-member council after talks with Gulf officials that he said concentrated on "preventing civil war in Yemen".

"Let me be clear: Yemen is collapsing before our eyes. We cannot stand by and watch," Ban told the council reports AFP News.

Long on the front line of the war against Al-Qaeda, Yemen has descended into chaos since Shiite militiamen, known as Huthis, seized Sanaa in September and ousted the government last week.

The United States, Britain and France have rushed to close their embassies over security fears, with US staff destroying top-secret documents and sensitive equipment before pulling out Wednesday.

Yemen in Collapse - A blow to the 21st Century.

The Netherlands followed suit Thursday, closing its Sanaa mission temporarily due to security concerns, the government said.

The Huthis said Western powers had no reason to shut their embassies.

Hussein al-Ezzi, described as the militia's foreign relations chief, said the closures were designed to "pressure" the Yemeni people.

"The decisions of some Western countries to close their embassies in Sanaa are absolutely unjustified," he was quoted as saying by the official Saba news agency, now under militia control.

UN special envoy for Yemen Jamal Benomar told the Security Council via video link from Sanaa that the country was "at a crossroad".

"Either the country will descend into civil war and disintegration, or the country will find a way to put the transition back on track," said Benomar, who has been leading efforts to broker a deal between Yemen's rival factions.

Yemen never even existed
We are supposed to be paralyzed in horror that the country of Yemen might fall apart.  But the fact of the matter is the nation didn't even exist until 1990.  For centuries the area was part of the Ottoman Empire (above map).

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