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Friday, February 6, 2015

Can democracy defeat Islam? - The Obama Factor

Caving to Aggressive Islam

  • We go out of our way to import Muslims into the West.  But in the Muslim's home nations Christians, Jews and Hindus are 3rd class citizens at best.  Stand on a street corner in Cairo or Islamabad and hand out Bibles.  See for yourself the reaction of the Religion of Peace.

By Gary;

His Holiness Barack has spoken:  "Remember that during the Crusades and Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ."

Never mind that the Crusades were a European response to invasion by murdering Muslim armies.  Facts have no meaning any more.

The real point of this article is: Can democracy defeat Islam?

By its very nature democracy involves getting along and compromise.  Western politicians want to compromise and "get along" with Islam and even import millions of Muslims for cheap labor.  But Islam has no interest in compromise with us.

Obama blathers his nonsense on one side of the Atlantic, while we see the insanity of the liberal Western political mind at work when Angela Merkel boldly, and stupidly, stated that 'Germany is Islam'.

Monarchy  -  In the olden days of the dictatorial monarchies the opinion of the public did not matter.  Christian kings could campaign against Islam and reconquer Spain, Southern Italy and the Balkans from dictatorial Islamic rule.

Democracy  -  But modern politicians pander to the voters at every turn.  As an added "bonus" because of immigration more and more European voters are Muslim.  Politicians like Merkel, Cameron and Obama work overtime not to offend voting groups and their supporters.

Barring a nuke going off in London, Rome or New York the political elites will not stop Islamic immigration and the pandering to the "can't we all get along" voting block.

Prepare for a new mosque in your neighborhood.

The Spanish Reconquista Against Islam
For hundreds of years the Christians of Spain and Portugal fought against Jihadist invaders to drive them out of Europe and back into Africa.  Modern politicians have no interest in fighting against Islam.  Instead political hacks import millions of Muslims into Europe.

A troop of Turkish soldiers pose with their rifles, circa 1912 or 1913.
Jihadist Muslim Turks controlled much of the Balkans.
The Muslims were twice beating at the gates of Vienna, Austria in wars.
The Turks had conquered all of the Balkans reducing the Christian population to 
near slaves in their own nations.  In war after war the Austrians and Russians 
slowly pushed the Muslims out and liberated the Christians peoples.

Christian Wars of Liberation in Europe

Ignorant of their own history the
Europeans now import Muslims.

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