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Thursday, February 26, 2015

GOP refuses to stop FCC attack on the internet

Always an excuse not to act

  • Endless Big Government GOP Bullshit.  The eternal excuse is "we can't do it because . . . ".  The real truth is we live in an increasingly centralized and authoritarian one-party state.  Where Dems and Republicans work hand-in-hand to grow government.
  • Our so-called "elections" are as phony as those held in China.  Every two years the same open borders, big government loving, special interest funded parties magically win 100% of all of all elections.  Voter have zero choices, but the illusion of a democracy exists.

(Washington Examiner)  -  With the Federal Communications Commission poised Thursday to impose unprecedented regulations on the Internet, congressional Republicans have quietly backed down on a plan to block the looming FCC rules ahead of time with their own legislation.

Republican lawmakers blamed Obama administration officials, who they say have interfered in bipartisan talks to produce legislation that would ban some of the onerous practices the FCC seeks to stop, but with far less government regulation than the pending agency rules proposed.

One-Party Republicrat rule.
The illusion of democracy goes on.
“The Democrats have been pushed away from negotiating with us,” Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune, R-S.D., said.

Thune said he’s unsure when Republicans will produce a bill but he said it will have to wait until after Thursday, when the FCC is scheduled to vote on a package of far-reaching regulations aimed at establishing “net neutrality” for Internet users.

According to Thune, the Obama administration and FCC officials swayed Democrats not to talk to the GOP about legislation until after the FCC votes.

Central to the FCC’s proposed rules is a plan to reclassify the Internet as a public utility, a move that would introduce an unprecedented layer of government regulation to the broadband Internet industry.

President Obama has pushed for the reclassification, which he said is needed to ensure a fair and open Internet. But critics say it will stifle innovation and increase fees and taxes by imposing on the industry a 1934 government regulation meant for managing large utilities, such as the old telephone companies.

Thune admitted that waiting until after the FCC votes on the new rules on Feb. 26 could make it difficult to pass a bill.

“We are not going to get a signed bill that doesn’t have Democratic support,” Thune said. “And we think this is an issue that needs to have bipartisan support.”

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