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Thursday, February 5, 2015

GOP Pushes for War with Russia

Republicans want to send anti-tank missiles to the Ukraine to kill Russians.
Sounds way too much like August, 1914 to me.

World War III for Fun & Profit

  • What is the Republican Party?  -  I am not an isolationist, but why do Republicans feel the need to get involved in wars all over the world? . . . . Two years ago many Republicans tried to drag us into the Syrian civil war without an open, public debate and a vote of Congress.  Now they are pushing for war with Russia.

Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, says there's a greater risk of U.S. escalation with Russia if the U.S. does nothing to stop the advance of Russian tanks in eastern Ukraine.
"[E]specially with so much Russian armor coming over the border, many of these T-72 tanks, T-80 tanks, the question is, how do you stop these, and of course, anti-tank missiles would be the answer," Royce told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Tuesday.
"And so this type of deterrence would raise the cost on Russian units because they can't really turn these heavy tanks over to their allies there in eastern Ukraine. They've got to have Russian soldiers operate them. And to begin to increase the price to the Russians -- the anti-tank missiles would do exactly that."
Europe in about 1790.
Borders tend to move.  Russia ruled the Ukraine for centuries.
The fact the Russians want more control over Russian speaking
areas on their borders should not be cause for a U.S. Crusade.

The Obama administration already has imposed economic sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, and it also has sent non-lethal aid to to the country, but none of those actions has stopped Russian-backed separatists from trying to acquire more territory in eastern Ukraine, where the fighting has intensified in recent weeks reports CNS News.
The Obama administration on Monday said it has not decided whether to send arms and defensive weapons to Ukraine. But a group of former U.S. diplomats and military officers on Monday urged Obama to provide substantial military aid to Ukraine as soon as possible.
Asked about the risk of escalating an already tense situation, Royce said, "I think frankly, there's a greater risk of escalation if we do nothing."
"I was in that region, I went into the east, I've talked to the Russian speakers there," Royce said. "Every element of society that my delegation talked with, they all said the same thing, and they said this is the problem: The Russians are recruiting every malcontent and skinhead in the Russian-speaking world through the Internet; they're training them, but they're sending them in here and now they're sending troops in with them, and we will fight this, we will prevent this, because although we're Russian speakers, we are for the deal that (Ukraine President) Poroshenko has offered us -- regional autonomy, Russian language...we want to be part of Ukraine. We want the Russians out.
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) agrees with Royce that the U.S. must send lethal aid to Ukraine to prevent the Russian-backed rebels from seizing more territory:
"Do you know how shameful it is, Bill, for us to tell the people of Ukraine that we are not even going to give them weapons to defend themselves or intelligence by the way?" McCain asked Fox News's Bill O'Reilly on Monday night.
Made by the CIA
 Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan during the war with Russia.
Without the constitutionally required open debate and vote for going to war, the U.S. funded and armed Islamists in Afghanistan.  That turned out well.  

(Photograph: Sipa Press / Rex Features Sipa Press)

General Smedley Butler

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