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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Leonard Nimoy - RIP

"Change is the essential process 
of all existence."
Mr. Spock

By Gary;

There is nothing I can say that has not been said better by so many others.

But as a child, Mr. Spock opened a new world of science fiction for me.  Every week Spock and Kirk boldly took us where no man had gone before.

I am proud that my letter, along with so many others, to the idiot management at NBC helped save the series from cancellation.

1960s TV and film was wasteland for Science Fiction.  We had Star Trek and The Outer Limits but almost nothing else.  Entertainment was populated by cowboys, war films, comedies and cop shows.  Star Trek broke new ground and we were pissed off when the show was finally cancelled.

Leonard Nimoy, like all actors, moved on to other work like Mission Impossible and the documentary series In Search of....  Little did he know.

But thank god for re-runs.

With re-runs something happened no one expected - The cult of Star Trek was born.  Within a few years the image of Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk would be universally recognizable all over the world.

Suddenly a rather forgotten Leonard Nimoy became an international star and was propelled into box office blockbuster films.

Nimoy did not like being type cast.  No actor really does.  Still in time he began to see the pure joy his character gave to countless millions of people.

It was only right that Nimoy's last movie role was a cameo in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Thanks for the memories.

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