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Friday, December 12, 2014

Muslim Rapper Calls Homosexuality a 'Filthy' Disease

Preacher Imran ibn Mansur, also known as Dawah Man, was banned
from a London university for his homophobic views
(Facebook: Imran ibn Mansur)

Muslim Rapper
Personally I am still trying to fully understand 
the horror of Muslim rap.

Preacher Imran ibn Mansur, also known as Dawah Man was barred from appearing at the University of East London over his views on homosexuality, saying that being gay was a 'disease'.

The former rapper has charged what he calls "filthy Western culture" for behaviour which should be "supressed", according to an Evening Standard report.

But homosexuality comes in for the biggest censure: "Sodomy, is an act that in the sharia... comes under the category of 'obscene, filthy, shameless' acts," reports the International Business Times.

A spokesperson for the University of East London told the Standard they would not "offer a public platform to speakers known to publicise and disseminate homophobic views.

"These go against our equality policies and more importantly UEL's core values."

The 24-year-old preacher has visited other University campuses and given Muslim students a "survival guide". In his online videos, Mansur tells a young Asian man in the street to remove his "gay" earring.

However, according to Asif Quraishi, Britain's only gay Muslim drag queen, who was interviewed on Channel 4 News, conditions for the Muslim LGBT community are getting better.

"More and more Muslims are coming out and identifying positively as being gay," he said, adding that young gay Muslims need more role models.

Cordelia Lynch of Channel 4 News interviewed two lesbian Muslim women. Neither of the women thought there was a contradiction in being lesbian and Muslim, but they have faced homophobia. One woman told Lynch her family had become suspicious and one day subjected her to a violent attack after suggesting she got married.

"There was no discussion, there was no talking, it was just this is the guy, that's it - you're getting married. They just grabbed a hockey stick, and went nuts."

"I couldn't see an exit, and I'm thinking oh God, I'm going to have to endure this pain. I think I lost consciousness at one point."

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