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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Romney & Bush are #1 and 2 in 2016 poll

Just Fucking Kill Me Now!
HORROR  -  A Romney - Bush Ticket.

By Gary;

This is why I am a RINO (or a Constitutional Federalist if you will).  The "small government" Republican Party has moved so far to the left that I no longer recognize the thing is has become.

Now the latest poll shows the degree of Republican insanity.

The current Marist Poll shows that 42% of the GOP supports either Romneycare author Mitt Romney, big government Common Core supporter Jeb Bush and progressive-conservative Chris Christie.

  • 19%  -  Mitt Romney
  • 14%  -  Jeb Bush
  •   9%  -  Chris Christie
  •   9%  -  Mike Huckabee
  •   8%  -  Ben Carson
  •   5%  -  Rand Paul
  •   4%  -  Ted Cruz
  •   4%  -  Rick Perry
  • 28%  -  four others and undecided

Naturally no poll survives first contact with the voters.  But the important thing is this poll shows where the heart of the "small government" GOP really is.

Republicans are delusional  -  GOP voters and leaders give lip service to "small government" but at their national conventions they nominate big government loving candidates that would make any radical FDR New Dealer proud.

The GOP has a long track record of nominating "moderates" from Wendell Willkie to Eisenhower to Ford to the Bushs to McCain and Romney.

When all the smoke and bullshit clears in 2016 you will see yet another big government "moderate" nominated to heal the party and promote unity.

Constitutional Federalists have no choice.  Like the UK Independence Party did in Britain, we must walk away from the Leftist GOP and form a new party that actually stands for freedom and small government.

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