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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, December 8, 2014

Libertarian Party is Only Nationally-Organized Party that Polled More Votes for Top Offices in 2014 than in 2010

Way too Intellectual

  • While 85% of the Libertarian Party platform is nearly identical to what the Founding Fathers believed, the party is way too intellectual and pacifist for the average voter.
  • What the U.S. needs is a new Hamiltonian Constitutional Federalist Party that stands for a strong, but limited central government.  The one giant Republicrat Party must be replaced. 

(Ballot Access News)  -  The Libertarian Party had candidates for the office at the top of the ballot in 35 states, plus D.C., last month. The 36 candidates appear to have polled approximately 1,475,000 votes. The exact number can’t be known until December 15, when New York releases its official election returns.

By comparison, in 2010 the Libertarian Party top-of-the ballot nominees polled 1,015,009. The increase in the Libertarian vote was 44.8%.

The Republican Party vote decreased for the top-of-the-ballot offices from 43,507,666 to 40,851,521, a decrease of 6.1%.

The Democratic vote decreased from 41,043,721 to 36,759,972, a decrease of 10.4%.

The Green Party vote decreased from 508,041 to 405,621, a decrease of 20.2%. The main reason for the Green Party change was that it had a candidate for Governor of California in 2010 who polled 129,231 votes, but in 2014 no such candidacy was permitted.

The 2014 numbers will increase somewhat when New York and Ohio complete their tallies.

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