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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CIA Torture - Why do we fear the truth?

Something has Snapped in America

  • We are eyewitnesses to history. Something snapped in America. Democrats and Republicans have joined arm-in-arm to fully embrace CIA torture, drone killings of U.S. citizens and a centralized 1984 NSA Big Brother Police State. 
  • If you dare to speak out for the Constitution, the rule of law and simple human decency then you are labeled an "enemy of the people."

US diplomatic posts around the world were on heightened security alert on Monday ahead of the release of a long-awaited report into the CIA’s use of torture in the years after the September 11 attacks.
The 480-page report by the US Senate intelligence committee is expected to contain graphic details of how the CIA used “enhanced interrogation techniques” including waterboarding against al-Qaeda suspects who were held in an international network of secret jails.
President Barack Obama has already dubbed the techniques used as “torture”, in a televised press conference earlier this year, but the White House said it feared that the fresh details could spark recriminations abroad reports the London Telegraph.
The decision to publish the report, which is a declassified summary of a 6,000-page three-year review of more than five million highly classified CIA documents, has been fiercely contested by both Republicans and senior members of the administration of George W Bush, who authorised the programme.

“I think this is a terrible idea,” said Mike Rogers, the Republican chair of the House intelligence committee. “Our foreign partners are telling us this will cause violence and deaths... Our own intelligence community has assessed that this will cause violence and deaths.”

The report emerges from a bitter four-year running battle between the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Democrat chair Dianne Feinstein and the CIA, who earlier this year were forced to admit they had spied on her committee, causing outrage in Congress.
Its publication was then further delayed for another four months as Mrs Feinstein wrangled with the CIA over how much of the summary should be scratched out by the censor’s pen. She accused the agency of trying to “obscure key facts that support the report’s findings and conclusions”.
Last weekend it emerged that John Kerry, the US secretary of state, had directly asked Mrs Feinstein to reconsider the decision to publish the report, in what activists said was yet another attempt by the administration to avoid a reckoning on the issue.
Early leaks of the report suggest it will conclude that torture did not yield useful intelligence, that the CIA used torture in excess of its remit and repeatedly lied to Congress to cover its tracks and exaggerate the value of any intelligence it extracted under duress.

Gov. Jesse Ventura on Torture

Jesse Ventura On 9/11, WikiLeaks, CIA Torture

Map of flights to CIA “black site” prisons where it could waterboard prisoners and use other forms of torture–while US government officials denied that these illegal practices were being used.


Anonymous said...

Torture... I guess we need a realistic definition. I'm sure "warerboarding" is extremely unpleasant. Any lasting physical damage? How about 24/7 Michael Jackson recordings? (that'd break me). I would think we have some pretty good drugs to extract info, but maybe it does take a little "push"... WE aren't raping & cutting off body parts here (like the folks we are "torturing". I'm all for anything that doesn't draw blood as long as it SAVES lives.

Gary said...

Neither prisoners of war nor common criminals are allowed to be tortured by the government. PERIOD.

The fact that so-called "Conservatives" are lining up defend CIA torture and the NSA police state says they no longer believe in the Constitution.