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Sunday, December 21, 2014

CIA will not be punished for spying on Senate

Bullshit Alert!
  • More bi-partisan phony outrage from the corrupt Washington D.C. Elites.  The CIA spies on the U.S. Senate and no one is arrested or will even be disciplined.
  • Meanwhile the secret courts and unconstitutional NSA spying on the American people rages on with full funding from both the GOP and Dems. 

Careful, you can get this Bullshit on your shoes  -  A panel investigating the CIA’s search of a computer network used by Senate staff will not recommend disciplining the agency officials involved in the incident, according to the New York Times.

The review panel is looking into the search by agency officials of staffers from the Senate intelligence committee who were investigating the CIA’s use of torture in interrogations of detainees after the 9/11 attacks on the US.

The Times, citing current and former government officials, said the panel was likely to fault the CIA for missteps. But the newspaper said the decision not to recommend anyone for disciplinary action was likely to anger members of the intelligence committee, who have accused the agency of interfering with its investigation of agency wrongdoing.

CIA officials searched the Senate computers in late 2013, as the committee finalised its report on the agency’s handling of detainees. Staffers concluded in a report released on 9 December 2014 that the agency misled the White House and the public about its tactics and acted more brutally and pervasively than previously acknowledged reports The Guardian.

Five CIA officials involved in the computer search have already been cited by the agency’s inspector general for the improper searches, but have defended their actions as lawful and at times ordered by CIA director John Brennan, the Times said.

The CIA review panel was appointed by Brennan and consists of three CIA officers and two people from outside the agency – former Democratic senator Evan Bayh and President Barack Obama’s former White House lawyer Robert Bauer, according to the paper.

Brennan has apologised for the CIA’s monitoring of the committee after earlier defending the agency’s actions. Federal prosecutors have also declined to pursue a criminal investigation over the dispute.

"I am Shocked . . . "
The Bullshit and lies from government goes on and on.



Is the "Sony Hack" a false flag hack by the US to pass more CISPA type legislation?

CISPA stands for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

What does it do? CISPA would allow for voluntary information sharing between private companies and the government in the event of a cyber attack. If the government detects a cyber attack that might take down Facebook or Google, for example, they could notify those companies. At the same time, Facebook or Google could inform the feds if they notice unusual activity on their networks that might suggest a cyber attack.

Gary said...

False flag??? Who can really know?