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Friday, December 19, 2014

Anti-Islamist Protests in Germany: Hooligans Against Salafists

The scarfs represent rival fan clubs for professional soccer teams. This picture is from Dortmund, NRW, where people demonstrated against Islam.

Must See Video

The open borders European "Conservatives" and Socialists have locked arms (just like in the USA) to continue the massive importation of Muslims from the Middle East to both drive down wages but also to replace the native population.

The VICE NEWS video below does a fairly good job on the background of the story.  The drawback is the VICE reporter is a leftist and hunts down a few neo-Fascist loons so he can call the protesters racists.  But even the reporter had to admit that anti-Islamist Kurds were marching with the Germans.

Twitter screenshot Cologne rally against
Salafism on October 26, 2014.

You will be called a racist if you dare to demand an end to the endless importation of Muslims.  Never mind that Islam is not a race.

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