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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, December 5, 2014

Australia votes to import more "refugees"

Open Borders Conservatives
  • It is the same everywhere, so-called "Conservatives" always somehow manage to find a reason to open the borders to more legal and illegal aliens to drive down wages.
  • Now the "Conservative" government of Australia votes to allow "refugees" to enter the country to compete directly with citizens for jobs.

The Australian senate has narrowly approved changes to migration laws that include reintroducing controversial temporary visas for refugees.

The bill will allow refugees to live and work in Australia for three to five years.

It was passed by 34 votes to 32 after intense and sometimes emotional debate in a late-night sitting.

Australia currently detains refugees caught arriving by boat and puts them in camps in Papua New Guinea and Nauru reports BBC News.

The bill is expected to become law later on Friday when it is passed by the House of Representatives where the government has a majority.

Some 30,000 "asylum" seekers have tried to reach Australia by boat since August 2012, but they have yet to have their claims assessed because the government does not want them to stay permanently.

They live in detention camps or in the community under bridging visas that do not allow them to work.

Under the new law, thousands of the refugees - including hundreds of children - will be able to leave the detention centres and live for at least three years in Australia.

They will have work rights and could eventually apply for skilled or other migrant visas.

The Death of the West
The peoples and leaders of Western nations no longer believe that their nations and 
cultures have the right to exist.  
To atone for the "sin" of existing, Westerners insist on the endless importation of the citizens of foreign nations. Only when the original Western culture is replaced by the new "superior" imported culture will there be justice.

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