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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Kurds should call Putin for help

Kurdish peshmerga soldiers stationed on the outskirts of Kirkuk in December.

Calls for help are mostly ignored
  • No one in the West really wants an independent Kurdish state, and the Americans are more than happy to ignore all the calls for help. 
  • A few bombs might be dropped, but I suspect that is for public relations.  "See, we tried to help." 

The foreign minister of Iraqi Kurdistan on Wednesday issued a desperate plea for American and Western intervention to halt the advance of ISIS extremists.

“We are left alone in the front to fight the terrorists of ISIS,” Falah Mustafa Bakir told CNN’s Fred Pleitgen, in for Christiane Amanpour.

“I believe the United States has a moral responsibility to support us, because this is a fight against terrorism, and we have proven to be pro-democracy, pro-West, and pro-secularism.”

While much of the world’s attention has recently been focused on Gaza, ISIS has been sweeping across northern Iraq reports CNN.

"Miss Me Yet?"
An anti-Iran, socialist and pro-Russian Saddam Hussein filled mass
graves in Iraq with Islamist nutcase killers.  Then Bush, in his infinite
"wisdom", invaded Iraq and turned loose a terrorist nightmare.

Quote of the Day
"The irony is that we are using outdated, Russian weapons, and the terrorists
are using sophisticated and advanced American weapons against us.”
Falah Mustafa Bakir
Kurdish Leader

Over the weekend, ISIS forces captured a string of towns controlled by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, who, after the near-collapse of the Iraqi army in June, have been seen as the only force capable of confronting ISIS.

Bakir said that Kurdish forces have started to reverse the defensive tack they were forced to take over the weekend.

“This is something way beyond the capacity of the Iraqi air forces. We need the United States and NATO to interfere because we are fighting on behalf of all those who are against terrorism.”

“The U.S. troops have left; the six Iraqi divisions have disappeared. Now it’s only the Peshmerga forces facing these terrorist groups, who have captured all these advanced and sophisticated weaponry from the Iraqi army.”

“And the irony is that we are using outdated, Russian weapons, and the terrorists are using sophisticated and advanced American weapons against us.”

Among the towns captured was Sinjar, home to many Yazidi, a small religious sect whose members are particular targets for the Sunni extremists of ISIS.

Thousands fled with barely any supplies, many into nearby mountains where they're stranded and surrounded by the extremists. They face starvation and dehydration.

While the United States has said it is “actively monitoring the situation” and is providing assistance to the Peshmerga, there seems to be no appetite for a more substantive American intervention in Iraq.

“We have listened to [people] supporting our experience, supporting us. This is now time for action.”

“We have made some progress and we will continue. We are determined in order to take all the areas that have been taken by ISIS back. But we need support, and that support would be in way of airstrikes but also weapons and ammunition.”

“This is a terrorist organization that has declared the war on all those who are against them. So therefore it’s not only the responsibility of Kurdistan. If we are not able to stop them here, they would continue and pose a threat to other countries as well.”

Christians forced to flee ISIS in Iraq  

Iraqi Christians flee homes  
Iraqi Christians fear they may be permanently forced from their homes due to the threat posed by the radical Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The insurgent group has taken over multiple cities in recent days and proven they can successfully fight military forces. Disowned by Al-Qaeda for being too radical, ISIS takes the threat facing the Christian community in the country to a frightful level.

Iraq-Mosul Dam

Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers look on at a guard post during a deployment in the area near the northern Iraqi border with Syria.

Need Help?  Dial P-U-T-I-N
Putin is flooding Syria, Egypt and Iraq with weapons to fight against Islamist killers.  The message is clear.  When you need help don't even bother calling the White House.  The Kremlin will always be there for you.
Iraq: "We have the help of the Russian friends."
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