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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Russian Pilots are bombing ISIS

And Putin Loves Dogs Too
Vladimir Putin, killer of Islamist terrorists and dog lover.

Editor  -  Interesting article.  After more than ten years of U.S. "help" the Iraqi air force simply does not exist.  The Russians and Iranians are shipping in equipment, men and fighter jets to defend Iraq from the CIA backed Islamist terrorists.

(From Slate.com)  -  The Iraqi Air Force is poorly equipped, consisting of several Cessna planes carrying American-supplied Hellfire missiles, some American- and Russian-supplied helicopters, and Russian-made Su-25 aircraft.

Last month a Pentagon official told the Hill that the U.S. believed Iranian pilots were in the air in Iraq while denying that Russian personnel were operating in the area. But diplomatic sources told the Daily Beast that "Russian pilots will fly the planes due to a lack of Iraqi pilots with the proper training."

Garrett Khoury, the director of research at The Eastern Project, explained that the Iraqi Air Force "recently acquired around a dozen SU-25 ground attack aircraft from Russia (with more possibly coming from Belarus) ... [which] give them the ability to conduct serious ground-support operations reports Slate.

The Iraqi government received a delivery
of Russian-made fighter planes. (aljazeera)

Thursday's attack came two days after Iraqi jets struck an ISIS convoy near the northern city of Mosul.
"[The Su-25s] are Russian jets bearing Iraqi insignia, but possibly piloted by Russians," Khoury continued. "Iraq did use the SU-25 during the Saddam Hussein era, and there are probably former Iraqi pilots who flew them, but it has been at best 12 years since any Iraqi pilot got any significant flying time with the plane."

So who bombed ISIS on Thursday night?

The most probable answer is Iraqi Su-25s, manned by Russian or Iranians—or maybe Iraqis. 

"Iran has used its own Air Force to attack ISIS since the beginning of the group's offensive, but mostly to keep them away from the Iranian border," Khoury said. "Syria has likewise conducted air strikes on ISIS targets on the Iraqi side of their shared border."

Obama's Summer Vacation

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