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Saturday, August 9, 2014

UK Jihadist: “People Love To See Heads On Spikes”

Who doesn't enjoy a good beheading?
  • Muslims from Britain, Finland, Germany and America are fighting with the Islamist butchers in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Call me crazy, but maybe Muslims are not loyal to their countries.

A British ISIS fighter poses gleefully in front of a decapitated soldier strung up and murdered in Syria.

Abu Abdullah Al-Habashi, 20, who fled the UK for the Middle East nine months ago, has ‘no sympathy’ for the executed man and said ‘people love to see heads on spikes’.

The Muslim convert is among the hundreds of people who have fled to UK to fight in ISIS and says ‘there is no going back’.

Up to 500 British Muslims are believed to be in the region with as many as half joining forces with ISIS, a group known for its extreme violence, including crucifying and beheading its enemies.

Justifying the gruesome photo the British citizen originally from Eritrea told BBC’s Newsnight: ‘People love to see heads on spikes,' reports the UK Daily Mail.

I feel no sympathy for them because they are all enemies of Allah.

British ISIS fighter Abu Abdullah Al-Habashi, 20, poses in front of
a Syrian soldier strung up and decapitated in Syria. (Daily Mail)

Young Britons like Reyaad Kahn (left) who appeared in a recruitment
video encouraging young men to join ISIS's jihad in Syria and Iraq,
alongside Nasser Muthana (right)   (Daily Mail)

According to the BBC he has been based in the in Raqqa, Syria - an Isis stronghold - where many other Britons, including the female 'Terror Twins' from Manchester.
Salma and Zahra Halane, who have 28 GCSEs between them, ran away from their family in Chorlton, Greater Manchester, a month ago for 'paradise' in the war torn Middle East. 
It has also become renowned for the brutal executions, and crucifixions, of ISIS' enemies. 
Photographs posted on social media of Al-Habashi clutching a machine gun appear to show him across the border in Ramadi, Iraq, where he says he has been on the front line.

He said: 'It is the best fighting and the hardest. You are in a city of concrete and everything is blowing up'. 
Al-Habashi says his family know where he is and have told him: 'Come back - you are crazy'.
He has told them: 'This is for the sake of Allah. I'm free. Why would I come back to (go to) prison?'. 

The Muslim convert has  also urged others from the UK to fight in the Middle East and has the become the face of ISIS in its latest recruitment video.
Over the weekend a new film was released where he described how wonderful it was to live in the new Islamic Caliphate stretching across Syria and northern Iraq. 
It features fighters from the UK, Finland and America.
He says in a strong British accent: 'You're not living under oppression. You're not living under rule.
'As Muslims, that's what we want and that's what we need. We don't need any democracy, we don't need any communism, we don't need anything like that.'

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