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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

California is drying out and blowing away - and immigrants did it

Welcome to an overcrowded & water guzzling Los Angeles

I Am Saying The Unsayable
  • California is in the grip of a massive drought.  How about sending home the millions of illegal aliens who are using up our water supply?

By Gary;

Water does not grow on trees, and in the last few years it certainly has not fallen from the sky here in the People's Republic of California.

There is a degree of panic in the air as water levels are dropping like a rock.  The drought could end next year or continue for another ten years.

An extended drought is a disaster for the California and American economy.  Businesses of all kinds use mega amounts of water.  No water, no jobs.  Just add water to the endless list of our economic problems.

The Population Bomb 

The ratings driven Elite Media Machine of both the Left and the Right operates on press releases and chasing ambulances.  Rational, calm thought is not their specialty.

What the political hacks and their media allies are missing in the water story in The Population Bomb.
The Population Bomb
went off in California as more and
more people suck down limited
water supplies.

California and the world are grossly overpopulated.  Natural resources are limited, but population has exploded.

California's Population:

  • 1900  -  1,485,000 people
  • 1950  -  10,586,000 people
  • 2012  -  38,041,000 people

A drought like this in 1950 would have had little impact. 

We cannot keep adding population.  But the politicians from both parties don't care or understand.  The GOP is eager to import endless waves cheap labor for their Masters in business while the Dems want millions of new voters.  Unfortunately those millions of new imported hungry mouths are also sucking down mountains of water.

The quality of life in the once Golden State is turning to crap.  Beautiful rolling hills, farmland and valleys are being paved over to create endless ugly suburban housing and strip malls.

Somehow I don't believe our quality of life is improved by building more freeways and Wal-Marts.

Sucking The Golden State Dry

(Washington Post)  -  Across California’s vital agricultural belt, nervousness over the state’s epic drought has given way to alarm. Streams and lakes have long since shriveled up in many parts of the state, and now the aquifers — always a backup source during the region’s periodic droughts — are being pumped away at rates that scientists say are both historic and unsustainable.

One state-owned well near Sacramento registered an astonishing 100-foot drop in three months as the water table, strained by new demand from farmers, homeowners and municipalities, sank to a record low. Other wells have simply dried up, in such numbers that local drilling companies are reporting backlogs of six to eight months to dig a new one.

In still other areas, aquifers are emptying so quickly that the land itself is subsiding, like cereal in a bowl after the milk has drained out.

“How many straws can you stick into one glass?” asked John Viegas, a county supervisor who, after months of fielding complaints from constituents about water shortages, recently was forced to lower his own well by 40 feet. “People need to realize you can’t water everything.”

The shrinking of the aquifers has added a new dimension to the concerns over the historic drought that continues to shatter records across the Western United States.

The parched zone now spans a dozen states and nearly 600 counties, from southern Texas to the northern Rockies, and includes fields and grazing land that produce a third of the country’s beef cattle and half of its fruit, vegetables and winter wheat. Prices for most of these products have soared this year.

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A warning sign on a dried-out beach at Folsom Lake.

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Water does not "magically" appear.  Every new California resident (legal or illegal) guzzles mountains of water, and the population of the Golden State keeps growing. 
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