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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vermont Town Caves to Muslims on Bacon - Creeping Sharia

What the Fuck!
  • Liberal, limp-wristed Vermont caves to Sharia Law and removes a bacon advertisement because it offends Muslims.

The news article below concerns the response of a Vermont community to a Muslima who was offended by a public display of the word “bacon”.

Such stories are not all that unusual these days. In fact, a complete cave-in after a single culturally enriched complaint (or even before any such complaint is made) is becoming more and more typical.

It’s not the just the surrender to sharia that’s so dismaying, but the obsequious, truckling, craven dhimmitude of it. A thousand years ago, Christians and Jews submitted with full cowering humility after seeing the murderous brutality and rapine of Muslim invaders. Today, in the nominally free United States of America, full surrender occurs just because someone is offended, before there is even a whisper of violence.

Here’s the story, from WPTZ News:
Advertisement removed after resident expresses offense
Business advertises food, neighbor offended 
WINOOSKI, Vt. —A sign on a lamp post at the bottom of the Winooski Circle displayed the words “Yield Sneakers Bacon” until Friday morning. The bistro owners took it down. 
It got there as part of “Operation Bloom.” 
A city program put it in place to keep its flower beds beautiful. If businesses do some gardening they can post an advertisement where they do it, but the word “bacon” on the Sneakers Bistro sign started a discussion about diversity on the Winooski Front Porch Forum. 
It started with a post from one woman who wrote that the sign was insensitive to those who do not consume pork. She said as a Muslim she is personally offended by it. 

The owners of Sneakers spoke to WPTZ. They say they’ve reached out to the individual who made the post and proactively took the sign down. They also say they regret any harm caused by the sign, and that their goal was never to cause stress or bad feelings.
“It’s nice that they were respectful enough to take it down,” said Caleb Wiley an area resident, “but I also think they shouldn’t have, or had to at any right.” 
Other Winooski residents joined the conversation, and online too. One post reads the word “bacon” is not offensive. It’s something that describes food. 
Winooski’s city manager spoke on behalf of the city. She said: 
“The cool part of living in a diverse community is that it’s not always comfortable. It’s a fascinating place with lots of opportunities for conversation. The City has to pay attention to a lot of factors while acting within what we can regulate,” said Katherine “Deac” Decarreau. 
Others recognize it’s a complicated issue, too. 
“I respect her religion and her right to believe what she wants but I’m pretty sure the first amendment extends to bacon and the selling of it.” 
Sneakers’ owners say their goal is to provide a joyful place for the entire community. 
The Winooski Islamic Community Center was not available for comment.

For the record: There is a polite, reasonable way to respond to absurd complaints of this sort, one that does not involve abject surrender. The company’s statement should have read something like this:

It is unfortunate if someone’s feelings were hurt by our use of the word “bacon”. However, this is the United States of America, where freedom of speech is a universally respected right. Anyone who is offended by bacon is perfectly entitled to exercise his or her right of free speech and issue a counter-bacon statement in response.

Thanks to Gates of Vienna.net


Anonymous said...

Have you been to NYC lately? 10 years ago, hot-dog cart on eery corner.... Now there is a Halal stand on every corner (but I did see one Kosher hot-dog stand).
The local Holiday Inn express, famous for their paper thin BACON was serving "Turkey sausage" instead....
HELLO... I'm offended...

Gary said...

We are under the delusion that more 19th century immigration is good. Those days are gone. We need to close the borders not just to Muslims, but to all groups.

Save American jobs for Americans.