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Monday, August 25, 2014

Austrian Muslims are fighting in Middle East

The family that slays together stays together.
Family jihad: Father takes five sons to join Syrian jihadists

500,000 Muslims Live in Austria
The pansy, limp-wristed West keeps importing Muslims.

Authorities suspect around 130 people resident in Austria - most of them foreign nationals - have allied themselves with Islamist militants fighting abroad, officials in Vienna said on Friday, raising their estimate by nearly a third.

Public safety director Konrad Kogler told a news conference the 130 figure included "people actively participating in combat as well as ones who have returned to Austria, because both groups of people are relevant for us".

He thought around two-thirds of them had come back to Austria and one-third were in battle or on the way there reports Reuters News.

Officials were tracking the target group's foreign travel and monitoring their activities when they return given the security risk they might pose, he said.

He said 40 of the 130 were Austrian citizens. The others were primarily from Russia, the Balkans and Turkey. Austria has a population of around 8.5 million people.

The subject is at the top of the news agenda in the neutral Alpine republic after police arrested nine people this week who prosecutors said were believed to be on their way to Syria to join the fighting.

They have not given any more details about the suspects' destination or said what forces they might have joined.

 Islamist militants are among the rebel forces fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government in a civil war that the United Nations says has cost more than 190,000 lives.

The insurgency is split between competing factions in Syria, with the militant Islamic State emerging as the most powerful. The group also controls large parts of Iraq.

Kogler did not confirm reports that the nine suspects - one aged just 17 - were Chechens, but said many were Russian citizens.

The suspects had mostly come to Austria as young people and got political asylum that could be revoked should they be convicted of joining a terrorist organization, officials said.

All nine have been remanded to investigative custody.

Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said support for radical Islamists was on the rise in Austria and called for closer European cooperation to address the issue.

"We need to close ranks across Europe in the fight against terrorism and jihadism," she said, urging a policy of zero tolerance.

Roughly half a million Muslims live in Austria, representing about 6 percent of the total population.

Several people have been arrested in Europe in recent months amid fears that fighters returning from Syria could stage attacks on European soil. Authorities in Graz detained a cleric in June on suspicions he was radicalizing Muslims and recruiting them to fight in Syria.

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Embedded with Al-Qaeda in Syria: ISIS and al-Nusra

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Bloody chaos in Syria attracts foreign jihadists

"Say hello to my little friend"
Singapore expressed concern at the risk of militant attacks posed by local and foreign jihadists returning to Southeast Asia after fighting in Syria.
Singapore expressed concern at the risk of militant attacks posed by local and foreign jihadists returning to Southeast Asia after fighting in Syria.

Interior Minister Teo Chee Hean said returning fighters have the skills to carry out terror attacks or support others planning them.

“The presence of former foreign fighters in our region - whether they originate from Southeast Asia or elsewhere -- is a security threat to us,” Teo told parliament.

“This threat is magnified if these returnee fighters are Singaporeans.”


"Death to the Infidels"
European countries are increasingly worried by the phenomenon of European jihadists or what some call “citizen jihadists” who travel to fight in Syria, fearing that these militants would pose a threat to their own countries once they are back from Syria.


Anonymous said...

I think just revoke their passport and their citizenship.... WHY let them back into the country? If one does not have (and prove) a VALID reason.... They can stay in that chithole....

Gary said...

Your post proves that you are sane. The problem is we are ruled over by the insane.