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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Did the U.S. Army Kill Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Killed by the U.S. Army?
Under both Democrats and Republicans the US Army has
protected the poppy fields of Afghan drug lords.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead with five empty heroin bag as well as many as 65 more bags that were still unused.

But the real story that the lame-stream media will not tell you is Hoffman was most likely killed by heroin exported from Afghan poppy fields protected by NATO and the U.S. Army.

Below is a must listen to interview on the phony drug war between radio host Alex Jones and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura (Independence Party of Minnesota). 

Both major parties and their lap-dog media supporters have covered up American and NATO involvement in protecting drug lords.  It takes independent politicians like Ventura and Internet journalists such as Jones to tell the truth.

Jesse Ventura: On The Drug War
Advance the video to 5:30 for the truth about the phony war on drugs.

The Taliban was eradicating poppy production as "un-Islamic".  Then in comes NATO and poppy farmers are allowed to grow their crops again.

Today, with 87,000 NATO troops in Afghanistan, cultivation of poppies has hit record levels as NATO forces prepare to exit the country. The UN warned warlords may be the biggest benefactor of the situation.
Afghanistan, long the world’s main heroin supplier, has seen its total area of poppy seed plantations explode to 516,000 acres - a 36 percent increase from 2012, according to the report says RT News.
Last year, the war-torn Central Asian country accounted for 75 percent of the world’s opium supplies; Jean-Luc Lemahieu, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Afghanistan, has said in the past that supplies may reach 90 percent of the global total this year.

Making the world safe for drugs
A funny thing happened on the way to Afghanistan, the US
and NATO protected poppy producers from the Taliban.
See our article:

2001 Blast from the Past Article
Only a "crazy" fringe person would suggest that the US and NATO went into Afghanistan in order to keep the supply of drugs flowing.  Only a conspiracy nut would suggest that governments want to keep their populations in a perpetual drugged stupor so they will not question their Masters.  It would be wrong to say these things, so I will not do it.


Anonymous said...

This is a dumb question to ask. I am relatively certain no one from the Army force Mr. Hoffman to take illegal drugs. I am guessing no one from the Army sold Mr. Hoffman those illegal drugs. This is either a case of accidental death or suicide. The Army is not responsible for anyone's poor choice to use illegal drugs and, as an Army Soldier, I am personally offended by the suggestion.

Gary said...

Mr. Anonymous, if you are really an army soldier then why are you not OFFENDED that the military and politicians are protecting the Afghan drug lords so they can sell their poison all over the earth????

Rule #1 in life - Never believe anything the government tells you.