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Friday, February 21, 2014

Ann Coulter: 'Shysters' Claiming to Represent Tea Party Hurt GOP

Tea Party Scammers? Say it Ain't So.
  • Ann is on to a problem - there is no such thing as a "Tea Party".  Any bozo can come along and set up a PAC claiming to be anything and then make money off the fundraising.

Ann Coulter says she supports the tea party but isn't convinced all the people who claim the title are legitimate.

"There are shysters," the conservative author said Wednesday on Fox News Channel's "Hannity."

"Don't trust anyone saying they are trying to defeat 'establishment Republicans.'"

"Of course, I love the tea party," Coulter said, but she limits them mostly to people in the "heart of America" who want to see change. She said tea party groups such as the Senate Conservatives Fund are just trying to bilk donors reports Newsmax.

Rather than focusing on defeating Republicans, the tea party should focus on getting a majority in the Senate, Coulter said.

"If it weren't for shysters running against 'establishment Republicans,' we would have 51 Republican Senators right now," she told host Sean Hannity. "One big election this year, and we would have a veto-proof majority. So thank you, shysters and con men."

Repealing Obamacare should be the tea party's main goal, Coulter said.

"Keep your eye on the ball. It is going to wreck the country," she said, adding that the healthcare law will not, as some Republicans believe, fall of its own weight.

"Public education sucks, and that hasn't fallen on its own," she said, and neither have the subway system, airport security, or the Internal Revenue Service.

Coulter is correct that we would have a lot more Senate seats if the Tea Party groups had not nominate a number of witches and retards.
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Anonymous said...

Coulter has proven herself to be a RINO at heart. If Coulter is such a firebrand conservative zealot, why does she fall in love with so many RINOs? See the book, Never Trust Ann Coulter - at ANY Age, at www.coulterwatch.com/never.pdf.

Gary said...

That is why I tossed in the "Alien" cartoon. Coulter is like a pitbull. She is out to promote herself 100% of the time. But that does not mean she is wrong on this subject.