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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kentucky Sets Up ‘Eating While Driving’ Police State Checkpoints

The American Police State
  • Now in Democrat run Kentucky the state police will be forcing drivers into government checkpoints against their will, and without a warrant, so Big Brother can check if you are daring to consume food in your own car.
  • The Bill of Rights and the 4th Amendment have no meaning in the modern authoritarian US police state.

Instead of searching for actual criminals, Kentucky State Police will be on the lookout for people who eat while they drive as part of Operation RAID, which will include checkpoints targeting “distracted drivers,” despite the fact that eating while driving is not banned in Kentucky.

Operation R.A.I.D. (Remove Aggressive, Impaired and Distracted drivers from Kentucky Roadways), which starts this month, will remain active for one year reports Infowars News.
“Law enforcement will be more visible and the number of check points will increase,” reports WBKO.
“Not only just texting, but any distracting drivers. This includes eating and drinking. We are going to be out looking for those people. You’re going to see a major force when it comes time for St. Patrick’s Day weekend and holiday weekends,” said Trooper Biven of the Kentucky State Police.
Although Kentucky has banned text messaging while driving, there is no state law that bans eating while driving, according to Distraction.gov. Police will be pulling people over and subjecting them to checkpoints over a supposed violation (eating while driving) that doesn’t exist.
Reports concerning the program also made no mention whatsoever of the fact that such checkpoints are clearly a violation of the 4th Amendment.
“Roving patrols and an increase in safety checkpoints” will characterize a “blanket campaign” that “may not work well in certain areas,” acknowledged Captain Nathan Kent, KSP Post One Commander.
Despite claims to the contrary, this is also another example of how the main duty of an increasing number of police officers in America is not catching criminals or serving communities, but revenue generation.


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