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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Obama & GOP are clueless to solve the California drought

Do Politicians Take Idiot Pills?
Rational thought no longer exists.  Both parties just
regurgitate tired slogans that have no meaning.

By Gary:

California is in a drought and the two parties react by either repeating stupid slogans or proposing things that only make matters worse.

As a John Muir Conservative Conservationist I recoil in horror at the total lack of any thinking by our political hacks and a desire on their part to destroy our natural heritage.

With all the hacks in the California legislature and Congress you would think there would be at least one politician with an original idea.

Republicans  -  House Speaker John Boehner & company paraded around the Central Valley searching for votes and campaign money from giant agri-business interests.  Republicans repeated the tired slogan "man over fish" which required no new thought whatsoever, but plays well on TV.

The long range GOP "solution" for a lack of rain is to rape the Sacramento Delta, suck it dry, created an environmental disaster and ship the water to farmers who just happen to donate to the Republicans.

Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir
Both are turning over in their graves at
the stupidity of our modern politicians.

Democrats  -  Democrat Governor Jerry Brown and the Demo legislature are no better.  They want to build giant multi-billion dollars tunnels under the Delta as payoffs to unions and friendly businessmen for their campaign money. 

The water of the Delta would then be sucked dry, create an environmental disaster and shipped south to pay off even more campaign contributors.

Now we have Comrade Obama visiting California's agricultural heartland Friday to meet with community leaders, farmers and others and announce "initiatives" to help the drought-stricken Central Valley.  Initiatives that do absolutely nothing to create new water.

Obama repeated his tired slogan of "Global Warming" and then proposed giving away tax money to those impacted by the drought:

  • $100 million in livestock-disaster assistance for California ranchers.
  • $60 million for food banks to help families hurt financially by the drought.

Giving away money  -  it will not water a single plant nor fill a single drinking glass, but it looks good to the non-thinking mouth-breathers watching the evening news.

Failure in America - It is an amazing thing to watch the failure of both parties in action. 

The economy of California is on the line and we get hacks who do nothing to create a single drop of new water.  No new dams, no new water storage facilities and no desalination plants to meet the needs of farms and cities.

The best both sides can come up with is proposals to fight over existing water supplies and destroy our natural heritage.

Conservationists Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir are turning over in their graves.

(NBC News Los Angeles)

Bi-Partisan Stupidity
Recently House Speaker John Boehner, right, spoke at a Bakersfield farm about California's drought.  Listening are, from left, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, and Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare.
Both Republicans and Democrats have their own plans to "solve" the California drought problem.  Simply, both parties want to create an environmental disaster and rape the Sacramento Delta dry in order to ship the water south to pay off their big money political supporters.

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Perth, Australia Desalination Plant
If Democrats and Republicans had any brains, instead of blowing hot air and slogans out of their asses they might propose solutions that could actually add new water to the parched Golden State.
The State and Feds could help farmers and cities like Los Angeles with water by building desalination plants like they do all over the world.  Build plants on the coast and run the water to the Central Valley aqueduct system.  Then farmers will have all the water they need.  California has the entire Pacific Ocean to draw from.


Unknown said...

Gary joins Obama and the GOP as another clueless gasbag who thinks he know how to solve the California drought. Of course you think it is worthless to feed people who have lost their jobs - what can our President be thinking? Obviously Gary, the proposed actions to help food banks are not meant to provide more water. When we have the driest year in the last 500 years it is pretty silly to expect the government, any government to be prepared. We cannot prepare for a drought, flood, earthquake, etc. that comes every 500 years. Your holier that thou reality also provides no new water. And hollering about desalination proves you have no understanding of the economics of desal or moving millions of acre-feet of water from the coast to the Central Valley. Perhaps spending your time learning something about water in California would be of more benefit that wasting it posting clueless blogs that contribute nothing to the people of California.

Gary said...

Hey clueless. Californians live and farm in a fucking desert and they exist in a fantasy world where there is an endless supply "magic" water.

Desalination creates NEW water. Period. All other proposals fight over a limited supply of exiting water.

Gary said...

Let me add that I lived for years and years in the Kern County portion of the Central Valley.