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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Obama Crushes Farmers - A California Dust Bowl

Shock - California is not getting wetter!
  • Obama cuts water deliveries to ZERO.  Democrats promise lots of welfare to those who lose their jobs but no solutions.
  • Fact - much of California is a bone dry desert.  But no matter which party holds the Governorship or runs Congress nothing is ever done to create new water.

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Federal officials say many farmers caught in California's drought will receive no irrigation water this year from a vast system of rivers, canals and reservoirs interlacing the state.
The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced Friday it will continue to monitor rain and snowfall, but at this point there's not enough water in the Central Valley Project to give water to farmers.

Last year, Central Valley farmers received 20 percent of their normal allowance, and that figure is now set at zero percent reports the Associated Press.

This marks the third dry year for the state, and Gov. Jerry Brown last month declared a drought emergency.

Federal officials say that water used by communities and wildlife will also suffer deep cuts.

Gayle Holman of the Fresno-based Westlands Water District, the nation's largest supplier of water for agricultural use, said the district has been preparing farmers for grim news that they'll receive no water this year from the federal government.

"They're all on pins and needles trying to figure out how they're going to get through this," Holman said, adding that Westland's 700 farmers will choose to leave fields unplanted, draw water from wells or pay top dollar for water that's on the market.

Last year, Westland farmers received just 20 percent of what is considered normal from the federal government's Central Valley Project, while federal water releases for endangered fish remained at 100 percent, causing frustration among farmers.

Gov. Jerry Brown last month declared California's drought emergency, and both state and federal officials have pledged millions of dollars to help with water conservation and food banks for those put out of work by the drought.

California officials who manage the State Water Project, the state's other vast water system, have already said they won't be releasing any water for farmers, marking a first in its 54-year history.

America is run by idiots
While the economy crumbles the politicians
sit around sucking their thumbs.

California Aqueduct
The Governor Edmund G. Brown California Aqueduct system is over 700 miles long.  The system is in place and ready to go.  It just need more water.

The system was built by the current Governor Brown's father back in the olden days when Democrats actually did things to grow the economy. 

Perth, Australia Desalination Plant
California has added tens of millions of new residents with almost no thought at all to adding new water.  The sky will not give extra rain on command and the rivers are already being sucked dry.
This single desalination plant in Australia, has a capacity of 160 megalitres per day and delivers a final product of 144 megalitres per day.  One megaliter (1Ml) is equal to one million litres.
  Much of California is a desert.  But instead of building desalination plants and dumping the newly created water into the existing aqueduct system, the hack politicians from both parties play games spending billions funding unproductive big government programs, illegal aliens and useless bullet trains.  

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