"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, March 1, 2013

America: A Nation of Pansy Sissy Fascists

History Channel's Eustace Conway had his "back to nature" business
closed down by idiots in government because it was not modern.

Property Rights have no meaning
“My gosh, this is the country that I pledge allegiance to?”   - - - Eustace Conway
  • Big Government Fascists track you down in the most remote backwoods locations to enforce their vision of how all people must be forced to live.
  • Freedom and individualism is dead.  Long live Big Brother.

Police State  -  After graduating from Appalachian State University more than two decades ago, Eustace Conway decided to take a crack at Henry Thoreau’s philosophy of getting back to nature – that is, of living “deliberately.”
“I live in a much different way and I’m glad for it,” Conway told Fox 8 WGHP-TV.
He purchased some land outside Boone, N.C., built up his property, and has been using his “nature school” to teach hundreds of people how to live closer to nature ever since.
His lifestyle became so notorious, in fact, that he has been featured on The History Channel’sMountain Men.
Mountain Men - A Way of Life 
Living off the land offers Eustace Conway freedom but it's also incredibly hard. He eats 5,000 calories a day just to maintain his weight and healthy energy levels.

But in 2012, citing safety regulations, county officials decided they need to shut down the noted naturalist’s school.
“Basically, I’m living like the American heritage pattern of all of our ancestors and the modern world isn’t. They don’t know how to accept me,” Conway said.
The county issued Conway a cease and desist order, saying his property wasn’t up to code.
“This is supposed to be the land of the free,” he said, “government is supposed to help people [and] protect their individual liberties and freedom. That’s not what’s happening here.”
“My gosh,” he added, “This is the country that I pledge allegiance to?”
The county argues that it is only doing its duty protecting public health and safety, the Fox affiliate notes, and says his “nature school” can continue – but only after it meets the county’s standards.
Problem is, to meet said standards, Conway’s “nature school” would cease to be, well, natural.
Also, the county’s demands are a little strange considering that after all this time (26 years) and several inspections, it has suddenly decided his property is a hazard.

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A back to nature school closed by the Big Brother State.

Modern Americans are Pansy-Ass Sissy Fascists
In today's Big Brother "modern" United States, Jeremiah Johnson would have his cabin closed by the Fascist government.  No doubt he would also be under arrest by order of the EPA for accidentally stepping on an endangered lizard.  The rugged, hard working, self supporting American of our past has been killed off by a Big Government Socialist Society where everyone sucks on the public teat and meekly obeys their Governmental Masters.
"I ain't never seen 'em, but my common sense tells me the Andes is foothills, and the Alps is for children to climb! Keep good care of your hair! These here is God's finest scupturings! And there ain't no laws for the brave ones! And there ain't no asylums for the crazy ones! And there ain't no churches, except for this right here! And there ain't no priests excepting the birds. By God, I are a mountain man, and I'll live 'til an arrow or a bullet finds me. And then I'll leave my bones on this great map of the magnificent..."  
 - - - Del Gue  (Jeremiah Johnson, 1972)

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