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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Muslims chant "infidels" as church is torn down

Indonesian Muslims demolish church while Obama kisses Islamic ass in Middle East trip
  • There is no freedom of thought or freedom of religion under Islam.

Agence France-Presse reportsAn Indonesian city government demolished a church in front of its weeping congregation on Thursday, as Muslim protesters egged on workers and branded the Christians "infidels."

The local government had ordered the demolition of the church for being built, in October 2012, without a legal permit.

However the congregation said the permit was repeatedly and unfairly rejected after they had spent 13 years worshipping at the site unopposed in a temporary shelter.

Indonesian Christians under attack 
Violent attacks against Christians in Indonesia have forced the closure of 20 churches.

Muslim Indonesian mayor resists building of church

Muslim mob attacks Indonesian Christians

Islam - the religion of "peace"

Indonesian Islamists in 2011 called for jihad against America for Libya attacks

The congregation of Bekasi’s beleaguered HKBP Taman Sari church huddled close, forming a barrier between their church and the idling bulldozer sent to demolish their house of worship on Thursday.

They sang tearful Batak hymns in the afternoon heat, wailing between the verses, as church member Megarenta Sihite shouted at the officers from the Bekasi District Public Order Agency (Satpol PP).

“What is our sin, sir?” she screamed. “Is it a sin to pray? Show us where our mistake is. I thought this is a democratic country. Please, Mr. President, we were born here in this country with five religions. We never did anything bad to their houses of worship. Why are they doing this to us?”
The church was demolished amid cheers of “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”) from members of the hard-line Taman Sari Islamic People’s Forum (FUIT) who had gathered outside the building reports the Jakarta Globe.

Pastor Adven Leonard Nababan accused the Satpol PP of caving to pressure from hard-line Islamist groups.
The road leading to HKBP Taman Sari was flanked by members of local Islamic hard-line groups Thursday morning.

Men dressed in white robes flew flag bearing the names of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) as they shouted demands into megaphones a half-kilometer from the church.

“It’s not a church,” Zuhri, of the FUIT, said. “It’s an illegal building. So don’t mistake this as a religious conflict. It’s not a war between Christians and Muslims. It is not a church at all. It is just an ordinary illegal building.”

The church has held regular services in a small bamboo structure since 1999, Pastor Adven said. But as the congregation ballooned to more than 600 people, Sunday services spilled out into the church’s wooded lot.

“The church could not accommodate all of them,” Adven said.

“We were afraid that the building would collapse, so we planned to build a new building to worship comfortably.”

Their troubles began when the church broke ground on the expansion. Islamic hard-liners rallied against the construction, holding a large demonstration in January demanding that the government shutter the church.

“The opposition from the hard-line groups started on January 15 with a rally of some 750 people,” Adven said.

Christians weep after their church is torn down by Muslim trash.

Christians screwed by Muslims  -  What else is new?
Muslims demand freedom of worship for themselves but refuse it to others.

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