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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

California to hire 20,000 Obamacare workers

The People's Republic of California will hire 20,000 workers to sign people up for Obamacare.
  • The state's goal is to enroll 1.4 million Californians next year and eventually reach more than 5 million residents.
  • Your tax dollars used to "recruit" millions of people into Socialized Medicine.

Enthusiastic California State officials say they need 20,000 drone government workers for the job of signing up millions of Californians for Socialized health insurance in the coming months, but a battle is brewing over whether these workers should undergo background checks and fingerprinting.

At issue is the level of screening these "assisters" should receive before they handle confidential information about the people they are enrolling this year in the state's new health insurance exchange, called Covered California.

These enrollers, who will earn $58 from the state for every application completed, would have access to highly sensitive consumer information such as Social Security numbers, dates of birth, income data and tax returns reports the Los Angeles Times.

These 20,000 assisters across California would not be government employees. Nonprofit and other community groups that are working with the state on outreach and enrollment will be responsible for recruiting and hiring many of them.

The federal law calls for these assisters to play a crucial role in explaining an array of new insurance options as well as complex terms such as deductibles and cost sharing to a range of Californians, many of whom don't speak English or have easy access to the Internet.

The state's goal is to enroll 1.4 million Californians next year and eventually reach more than 5 million residents who are uninsured or may qualify for federal premium subsidies. By January, most Americans must buy health insurance or pay a penalty under the federal Affordable Care Act.


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