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Friday, March 8, 2013

Hugo Chavez corpse to become a tourist attraction

Chavez corpse to be displayed like a Communist tourist attraction

The body of Venezuelan Comrade-President Hugo Chavez is to be embalmed and put on display after his funeral, Vice-President Nicolas Maduro says.

The decision reflects the huge crowds queuing to pay their respects in Caracas, where he is lying in state.

Comrade Chavez's body will be moved to a military museum after the state funeral on Friday, Maduro said reports BBC News.

His body would be embalmed "like Lenin and Mao Zedong", and put on display for at least another seven days, Maduro added.

The body will be moved to the Caracas military museum, where Chavez - then an army officer - was captured in 1992 after leading the failed coup attempt that first brought him onto Venezuela's political stage. 

The building will be converted into a new "museum of the revolution", Maduro said.

Comrade Chavez's supporters want him eventually interred in Venezuela's national Pantheon alongside Simon Bolivar, the 19th Century independence leader the late president claimed as his political inspiration.

But Venezuela's constitution says people can only be admitted to the Pantheon 25 years after their death.

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