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Friday, March 15, 2013

NBC is in a total ratings collapse

Americans are dancing for joy at the ratings death of NBC
  • The "Love Obama all the time channel" gets crushed by Spanish language Univision.

By Gary;

It is so entertaining to watch a so-called "great" elitist network collapsing before our very eyes.

The anti-Conservative / anti-Freedom drumbeat out of NBC news fuels my hatred of the network.  But it is just damn entertaining to see them crushed by Spanish language cable TV.

  • 9.35 million    -    CBS
  • 7.48 million    -    Fox
  • 5.41 million    -    ABC
  • 4.34 million    -    Univision
  • 3.53 million    -    NBC

(Average number of viewers in prime time week ending March 10, 2013.)

But a closer look at the numbers really shows what is happening.  NBC failed to place one single TV show in to top 40 programs.  Not one show.

NBC's highest rated show last week was Biggest Loser coming in at a weak #41.  From there the network's shows drop like a rock down the Nielsen Ratings list.

Of note is the continued rise of original programming from basic cable into the top of the Nielsen ratings.  Cable TV scored 4 of the top 25 shows in the U.S. last week.

Dancing for Joy at the Death of NBC

Univision beat NBC in the ratings last week.

Univision's soap opera Por Ella Soy Eva beat all NBC programming coming in
at #36 in the Nielsen Ratings.

A&E Cable TV's Duck Dynasty beat all NBC programming by
huge margins coming in at both #22 and #23

AMC's The Walking Dead continued to butcher NBC's programming by
landslide margins coming in at #10 last week.

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