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Saturday, January 5, 2013

State Run Unconstitutional Highway Checkpoints

Police State  -  Government has set up thousands of checkpoints on public roads
  • In violation of the Bill of Rights, people peacefully driving their cars are being herded like cattle into police state checkpoints to be properly "examined", questioned and then searched against their will.
  • Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat.  It does not matter.  Both parties are working hand-in-hand to take away your Constitutional Freedoms.

In a practice that officials acknowledge has been ongoing for more than a year now, cops in so-called "Conservative" Texas are setting up roadside checkpoints and photographing “suspects”, citing gang culture as a justification.

The McAllen Monitor reports that the South Texas Civil Rights Project, based in Alamo, has taken up issue with the San Juan Police Department, noting that “what they’re doing could be unconstitutional.”

“Police have always been pressing against restrictions the Constitution puts on protecting rights of individuals.” STCRP lawyer Joseph Martin said in response to the increase in the use of checkpoints.

“Passengers are questioned and, in certain instances, individuals are asked by investigators to voluntarily submit to having photographs taken of their gang-affiliated tattoos. The information is then vetted for inclusion in a state database.” reports the Monitor.

No Search Warrants  -  Feds Radiating Americans at Roadside Checkpoints
The 4th Amendment is ignored by Big Government at every opportunity.

The issue has gained more publicity since the STCRP filed an open records request with the San Juan police Department. While checkpoint activity in the South Texas town has made the headlines, it is far from an isolated case.

Law enforcement sources in Texas have been warning Infowars for months now that intrusive and potentially unconstitutional checkpoints are on the rise state-wide.

The gang element is a useful loophole for police to exploit because they can claim they are merely conducting research on gang membership, and asking for voluntary information from gang members while conducting the checkpoints.

Elsewhere in Texas, police have recently called for “permanent” DWI checkpoints in order to “save lives,” raising the possibility that Texans could be forced to show their papers, submit to breathalyzer tests, or even be mandated to have blood drawn whenever they drive down the street.

The TSA has also announced that it will conduct “security assessments” on highways having already set up checkpoints on interstate roads in Tennessee last year. The federal agency was responsible for over 9,000 checkpoints across the United States in 2011.

(Infowars News)

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