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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Maryland Food Police may ban fast food

Police State
A Maryland Democrat council member wants to hold fast-food restaurants accountable for "preying" on her constituents.

  • Prince George's County may ban new fast food businesses.

Maryland's Prince George's County has the highest obesity rates in the Washington, D.C. area. Now the county council is considering a bill that would give it zoning authority to keep new fast food eateries out of its jurisdiction.

But is tackling obesity as easy as keeping cheeseburgers and fries out of people's hands?

The War on Fast Food:  Can a D.C. Suburb Fight Fat with Zoning?

The author of the bill, Democrat Karen Toles, thinks so and tells Reason she's just trying to hold fast-food restaurants accountable for "preying" on her constituents. The Center for Consumer Freedom's Justin Wilson says the bill violates the rights of customers and businessmen and argues that "obesity is far more complicated than blaming...one single industry."

The bill's worst enemy maybe Prince George's itself: The county recently loaned $300,000 to a local businessman so he could open up two new Little Caesars pizza restaurants.

The bill is scheduled for a vote later this year.
Democrat Food Nazi and
fast driver Karen Toles.

Food Police Democrat caught driving 100mph

  • I make the laws to tell you what government allows you to eat.

The Prince George’s County Council member who police said was driving more than 100 mph on the Capital Beltway this year was given probation before judgment Wednesday on a reckless driving charge, allowing her to avoid points on her driver’s license after a nearly two-hour trial.

Karen R. Toles (Democrat - Suitland) could have lost her license had she been convicted of reckless driving without any caveats for the now-infamous Feb. 22 incident. But after her attorney said that she had already completed a driver improvement course, visiting Anne Arundel District Court Judge Megan Johnson gave Toles probation before judgment — an outcome that allows her to pay a $402 fine plus $33 in court costs but avoid a possible six points on her license.

Those points would have pushed the council member’s total above eight and initiated the process to suspend her driving privileges, court and state motor vehicle records show. In the context of the dozens of traffic cases heard in Prince George’s County District Court on Wednesday, the result was similar to that of other cases.     (Washington Post)

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