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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Michael Savage: "There is no Republican Party"

If only there were real choices on the ballot.
Back in the olden days when Americans had a democracy, many new political parties were rapidly created and elected to office to meet the needs of the voters.  Today the centralized money machine in Washington D.C. spends billions in corrupt special interest money to make sure only members of the two "approved" political parties win office. 

Dr. Michael Savage:  Time for a 'nationalist' party

  • The GOP has become an appendage of the Democrat machine.
  • Neither party gives a damn that you even exist.  It takes endless millions if dollars to campaign against these corrupt bastards, and they are backed by a bottomless pit of special interest union and corporate money.

When I first started listening to Dr. Michael Savage I said, "This guy is fucking nuts!"  But the more I watched the bi-partisan corrupt Washington D.C. machine I have come to agree with Savage.

Most of the so-called "Conservative" talking heads on TV and radio are whores.  They bow down and kiss the feet of the GOP simply because they have an "R" after their name.  The Conservative Media magically ignores the Republicans voting to abolish the Bill of Rights and supporting centralized Socialism at every turn.

Michael Savage, one of the nation's most prominent voices in talk radio, said America is "absolutely" ripe for a third party, in part, because the two largest parties in the U.S. have pulled a "charade" on the American people.

"There is no Republican Party," Savage told fellow talk show host Aaron Klein. "It's an appendage of the Democrat machine, as we've all just seen. It's two-card Monte, as we well know. It's a game being played against the American people. You've got the drunk Boehner on the one side, and the quasi-pseudo-crypto Marxist on the other, who is really just enjoying the ride in Hawaii right now, representing his factions."

 Instead, "We need a nationalist party in the United States of America," said Savage on WABC's "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio," suggesting a party focused on "borders, language and culture."

He continued: "You have the rudiments of a new party in this country called a tea party. They need to restructure their party. They need a charismatic leader, which they don't have. When you say, 'Tea party,' no one knows who the leader is, because there is no leader. No man has stepped forward who can lead that party -- no one who is an articulate speaker, a charismatic mover of people.

"The tea party is the rudiment of the new nationalist party," Savage explained. "Somebody has to bring them all together, unite them like King David did the ancient tribes of Israel. And there is no King David out there. Who's the King David? Tell me who is going to do it?"

Dr. Michael Savage Interview w/ Aaron Klein:  Time for Nationalist Party

Radio Commentary by Dr. Michael Savage
On gun grabbers and the late General Norman Schwarzkopf

"The tea party is the rudiment of the new nationalist party," Savage explained. "Somebody has to bring them all together, unite them like King David did the ancient tribes of Israel. And there is no King David out there. Who's the King David? Tell me who is going to do it?"

What about Savage himself?

"I could do it if I was 20 years younger. I would do it right now," Savage told Klein. "But I'm not 20 years younger, and I don't have 20 years left in me. This is going to require enormous resources and enormous energy. I can guarantee you, Aaron, if I ever did this I could raise probably $100 million within three months easily.

"There are people so frustrated by the democracy that is gone in this country, the structure that has replaced our democracy is what I meant to say, that they would clamor for the new nationalist party," Savage said.

Republicans and Democrats are totally in bed with each other to grow a centralized Big Brother Socialistic State.  Click on this link to see the roll call vote where both parties join together to allow the President to have the military jail Americans without a trial. 

Savage also pointed out the term "nationalism" needs to be redefined, as it's too often associated with Hitler and the National Socialist Party, the Nazis, of 1930s Germany.

This association, however, Savage claims is simply the design of the "internationalists" in the ranks of the left and leftist media who desire to "dissolve the sovereignty of nations."

"Borders, language, culture has been my motto in radio from the beginning," Savage explained. "Nationalism is the only thing that can save America, and a new nationalist party that has a very strict firewall that does not permit the radical fringe of racism."

He continued, "Going forward we have to, I think on radio, continue to educate the audiences about nationalism and the importance of our nation and our nation's sovereignty -- borders, language, culture. Borders, language, culture -- it defines every nation on the planet, the flag, the language, the borders. And what is it the internationalists do? They want to dissolve the borders, they want to introduce multiculturalism, they want to introduce a Tower of Babel of languages."

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