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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GOP = More national debt and no spending cuts

LBJ  -  The real leader of the GOP.
"Conservative" Republicans are addicted to the Big Government spending drug.

Republicans are simply pro-gun Democrats

  • House Republicans propose to kick the debt can down the road and run up more debt and keep spending.
  • So-called "Conservatives" do not exist.  What you call a Republican is simply a pro-gun, Big Government loving Democrat.  The GOP is actively protecting and fully funding every Liberal Big Government spending program ever enacted.

The insane big spending Socialist Republican Party is moving forward with yet another increase in the national debt to keep funding the Marxist Welfare State.

House Republicans released legislation Monday that would suspend the U.S. borrowing limit through May 18.

The GOP collapsed and totally backed off their earlier plan to demand dollar-for-dollar spending cuts in return for a debt ceiling increase.  Republicans are not including any spending reductions in the measure. They'll consider the bill on the House floor Wednesday.

House GOP leaders will now have to ensure they have the votes to pass the plan reports Politico.

The text of the bill does not include a specific amount the debt ceiling would be raised. Rather, it says that the borrowing limit “shall not apply for the period beginning on the date of the enactment of this act and ending on May 18, 2013.”

The language may serve as political cover for some lawmakers because it doesn't specify an amount.

The bill, posted on the House Rules Committee website today, also includes language for suspending the pay of senators and representatives if their chamber has not adopted a budget resolution by April 15.


John Stossel - New Road To Serfdom
European Parliament Member Daniel Hannan warns Americans to veer away from the ruinous path of socialism.

Dr. Michael Savage  -  The Marxist Death Tax
The "Conservative" GOP agreed with the Democrats to confiscate 45% of your private property when you die.  Republicans are Socialists, and they want your property in order to fund the all-powerful State.

Republicans act like a deer in the headlights
The Republicans have no plan to save America from bankruptcy.  Republicans need to believe in something first in order to present a clear message to the voters.

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