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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Proposed Florida law to block spy drones

Florida Senator pushes back against the Big Brother drone spy system
  • The GOP at the national level eagerly supports and funds an unconstitutional centralized Federal Police State spy system.
  • Will the Republican controlled Florida legislature kill this bill?

The Florida legislature will consider a bill in the 2013 session that would protect residents and visitors from prying eyes in the sky.

The Tenth Amendment Center reports that State Senator Joe Negron (R-Palm City) filed Senate Bill 92 last month. If passed, the Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act would prohibit the use of domestic drones over the Sunshine State.

“A law enforcement agency may not use a drone to gather evidence or other information.”

The bill opens the door for any person whose privacy is violated by a drone to take civil action and would also make any evidence gathered in violation of the act inadmissible in court.

Miami Dade Spy Drone Footage

Federal Act To Allow Camera-Equipped Drones Free Reign
Unmanned aerial vehicles have quite a foothold on the Space Coast and in Central Florida. The government flies these spy drones from the Cape, and claims that they are looking for drug or terrorist activity and now a new federal act gives the drones the ability to go anywhere.

The act makes an exception allowing for the use of drones “to counter a high risk of a terrorist attack by a specific individual or organization if the United States Secretary of Homeland Security determines that credible intelligence indicates that there is such a risk.”

The legislation only includes state and local law enforcement agencies in its prohibition of drone use, but Tenth Amendment Center executive director Michael Boldin says the bill still has ramifications at the federal level because of Washington’s strong advocacy of drone use.

“The Feds want to push these on the states, and if the states refuse, it’ll foil their plan. That’s my gut instinct,” he said. “They already spy on Americans so much that Rand Paul said it numbered in the ‘Gazillions’ after a secret meeting last fall. If the feds can get the states to start buying up and running drones over our cities, they’ll certainly want access to all that surveillance information in the future.

It’s important that states begin drawing a line in the sand now – no aerial spying here.”

Boldin said passing the Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act would also lay an important foundation for the future.

“If the legislature passes this bill, it’s going to be pretty tough for the feds to pull off the funding, manpower and resources to do it themselves. At that point, if they try, the states can nullify those acts too.”

(Tenth Amendment Center)

Domestic Drone Spying

The cops have a drone just for you.

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