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Friday, January 25, 2013

Should the U.S. Adopt Democracy? Israel has.

Bi-Partisan Corruption Rules American Politics.

Israel has adopted democracy
While the U.S. has adopted authoritarianism
  • A do nothing Congressional Elite lives the high life while the country goes bankrupt.
  • Corrupt Congressmen and Senators sit on mountains of special interest money with no fear that any of the "common people" could ever raise enough money to unseat them.  

By Gary;

Israel just held their elections, and what beautiful free elections they were too!  All segments of society are represented in Parliament with 12 different political parties.

US Senator Dean Barkley
2002 - 2003
(Independence Party of
Minnesota) the last smaller
party to be in the Senate.

While back here in the U.S. our Constitution has been totally ignored and democracy has been abolished and replaced by two parties backed by special interest money.

Back in the olden days the U.S. used to have free elections.  When voters got pissed off at their idiot politicians they could easily form new political parties at the drop of a hat and win office.

In violation of the Constitution the size of House of Representatives seats has been allowed to grow to a super-huge 700,000 people.

Congressmen can now ignore the will of the American people because they are backed by a corrupt special interest money machine centralized in Washington D.C.

The Republic of our Founding Fathers has been replaced by an oligarchy of ultra-powerful special interests.

Free Elections in Israel

Elections in Israel  -  Many real choices for voters.

Israeli Elections  -  A from the bottom up democracy 

  • In Israel new political parties are easily created and often vanish just as fast.  That is called freedom.

The slogan of Benjamin Netanyahu's election campaign had been "a strong leader for a strong nation," but on Tuesday he suffered a major setback. With significant gains in the center-left, the incumbent right-wing Israeli leader could have trouble building a stable government.

The biggest surprise of this election, which wasn't even supposed to have any, is the Yesh Atid (There is a Future) Party led by Yair Lapid, which is firmly grounded in the center of Israeli politics. 

His success completely stunned pollsters. Lapid -- a prominent former television talk show host and columnist who is a wealthy, self-made man -- received almost three times as many parliamentary seats as surveys had projected.

The some 20 seats his party has won now put him securely in the position of the second-strongest political force in the Knesset, even though not a single candidate on his party list has ever held a seat in parliament before. The party will most likely now tip the balance in any coalition-building talks.

The party's message of change, at least, appears to have become self-fulfilling. It is the middle class, in particular, that Lapid is seeking to represent -- and he wants to ensure that burdens are equally shared throughout society. 

"We will not be part of a government that will not enlist the ultra-Orthodox in the military and get them into the job market," Lapid says. The livelihoods of the ultra-Orthodox, called the Haredim, who often have the largest families and many children, are, with few exceptions, heavily subsidized by the state.

(Spiegel - International)

‹ 2009Flag of Israel.svg2017 ›
Elections for the 19th Knesset
22 January 2013

PartyChairmanVotes %Seats+/–
Likud Yisrael BeiteinuBenjamin Netanyahu880,97223.32%31Red Arrow Down.svg -11
Yesh AtidYair Lapid541,03314.32%19Green Arrow Up.svg +19
Labor PartyShelly Yachimovich430,30511.39%15Green Arrow Up.svg +2
The Jewish HomeNaftali Bennett344,0289.11%12Green Arrow Up.svg +5
ShasEli Yishai330,3598.74%11Gray Rectangle Tiny.svg 0
United Torah JudaismYaakov Litzman195,5775.18%7Green Arrow Up.svg +2
HatnuahTzipi Livni188,4254.99%6Green Arrow Up.svg +6
MeretzZahava Gal-On171,6604.54%6Green Arrow Up.svg +3
United Arab ListTa'alIbrahim Sarsur137,9833.65%4Gray Rectangle Tiny.svg 0
HadashMohammad Barakeh113,3363.00%4Gray Rectangle Tiny.svg 0
BaladJamal Zahalka96,7882.56%3Gray Rectangle Tiny.svg 0
KadimaShaul Mofaz79,0642.09%2Red Arrow Down.svg -26
Note - The above list contains only the parties which passed the threshold.
See complete expanded list in the full table below.
Twelve political parties will be in the new Parliament.

Special advisory to American readers.

Do not be alarmed. This is called a free election with many real political parties on the ballot. Free elections are something the United Stated used to have. Don't worry, this moment of confusion will pass and you will return to the modern undemocratic US system of only two choices on election day.
As late as the 1930s and early 1940s the US Congress still had free multi-party elections.

Sample free election  -  Five political parties in the US House.

Sample free election  -  Four political parties in the US Senate.
But American democracy ended with the massive increase in the size of House districts.  

Today only candidates funded by billionaire special interest groups of labor unions and business have any chance at being elected to anything.  The US has a government of, by and for the Billionaire Cartels that are all looking to suck the treasury dry for their interest group.

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