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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The GOP needs to follow Marco Rubio on immigration

GOP Mayor Pedro Rios
In my area of California Pedro Rios was the Republican candidate for the state legislature in 2012.  As a child Rios came to America as an illegal alien from Mexico.  He later became a citizen, businessman, joined the military, became Mayor and is a Conservative Republican.

“If Rubio helps lead us into sanity on the issue it would be great for him and very good for the GOP. We need a savior on immigration.”
- - - Ed Rogers, Republican lobbyist and longtime operative

By Gary;

The great debate on immigration begins.  Republicans must not fall into the immigration trap Democrats have set for them.  The Left wants us to oppose any reforms.  That way Conservatism is painted as racist.

As Bobby Jindal, the son of Indian immigrants said, the GOP needs to stop being the stupid party.  We need to let Senator Marco Rubio lead Conservatives to the promised land on immigration reforms combined with enforcement.
GOP Governor Nikki Haley
Daughter of Sikh immigrants from India.

Immigrants have been coming to America for centuries.  Sorry, but they are not going to magically vanish tomorrow night.  They are in our schools, work in our cities, open businesses and they do pay many taxes into the system. 

And don't you dare bring up welfare.  American citizens from Main Street to Wall Street are all sucking on the public teat of the government.  There is no point to singling out immigrants while American citizens are lining their pockets with welfare cash.

The desire to open a business and own private property that is safe from government theft is universal among the peoples of the world.  Mexico has just elected two pro-business Conservatives as President.  The new President of South Korea is a Conservative.  Chile has a pro-business Conservative President.  Conservatives have come to power in Japan and in Spain.

A business friendly GOP needs to make real alliances with the the pro-business elements in immigrant communities of Hispanics and Asians.  Conservatives can either grow up and make those alliances or hand power over to the Marxists.

Hispanic Republican Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada

Former California GOP Assemblyman Van Tran
The anti-Communist Vietnamese community in California has given the Republicans a much larger share of the vote than most other immigrant groups. To win Republicans need to recruit candidates who can speak the language of immigrant groups and relate to their issues.

Some 14% of Californians are of Asian heritage.

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