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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Hollywood's Big F*ck You to the World

Hollywood's Elites Hate You

  • The Elites deliberately nominate movies no one wants to watch to show how smart and cultured they are compared to the peasants.

By Gary;

My annual boycott of the Oscars went off as planned.  I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Walking Dead.

Leftist politics did not cause my boycott.  Simply, I stopping watching because I find self-masturbatory "awards" shows boring.

Add in another factor, these phonies cash their giant paychecks from doing popular movies and then refuse to nominate the very films that make them rich and famous for Best Picture.  Bullshit.

The movie Dunkirk was as close as you get to the Academy nominating a popular movie having come in at #18 on the box office ticket sales list. Naturally it did not win.

Here is the list of largely loser films getting the nomination for Best Picture.

  • Call me by your name  -  #116 on the box office list. 
  • Phantom Thread  -  #111 on the list.
  • Lady Bird  -  #93 on the list.
  • The Shape of Water  -  #64 on the list. . . . The winner.
  • Three Billboards  -  #62 on the list.
  • The Post  -  #53 on the list and a anti-GOP propaganda film.
  • Get Out  -  #37 on the list.
  • Dunkirk  -  #18 on the list.

Dozens and dozens of popular movies were totally ignored by the Academy.  A good rule of thumb is if the uneducated peasants like a movie it is to be ignored.

How is the acting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman or Dwayne Johnson in Jumanji less worthwhile than some crap film no one wanted to watch?

So the worthless, self absorbed buffoons of the Academy demand we watch a boring hours long show dedicated to movies no one watches.

No wonder the ratings are down.


Pink highlight = official revisions of older movies
Gold highlight = now playing or recent movies
RankTitle (click to view)Studio*
WorldwideDomestic / %Overseas / %
1Star Wars: The Last JediBV$1,330.6$619.146.5%$711.453.5%
2Beauty and the Beast (2017)BV$1,263.5$504.039.9%$759.560.1%
3The Fate of the FuriousUni.$1,236.0$226.018.3%$1,010.081.7%
4Despicable Me 3Uni.$1,034.8$264.625.6%$770.274.4%
5Jumanji: Welcome to the JungleSony$928.9$393.242.3%$535.757.7%
6Spider-Man: HomecomingSony$880.2$334.238.0%$546.062.0%
7Wolf Warrior 2HC$870.3$2.70.3%$867.699.7%
8Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2BV$863.8$389.845.1%$473.954.9%
9Thor: RagnarokBV$853.8$315.036.9%$538.863.1%
10Wonder WomanWB$821.8$412.650.2%$409.349.8%
11Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesBV$794.9$172.621.7%$622.378.3%
13ItWB (NL)$700.4$327.546.8%$372.953.2%
14Justice LeagueWB$657.7$228.934.8%$428.865.2%
16Transformers: The Last KnightPar.$605.4$130.221.5%$475.378.5%
17Kong: Skull IslandWB$566.7$168.129.7%$398.670.3%
19The Boss BabyFox$498.9$175.035.1%$323.964.9%
20War for the Planet of the ApesFox$490.7$146.929.9%$343.870.1%
21Kingsman: The Golden CircleFox$410.8$100.224.4%$310.675.6%
22The Mummy (2017)Uni.$409.2$80.219.6%$329.080.4%
23Cars 3BV$383.9$152.939.8%$231.060.2%
24Fifty Shades DarkerUni.$381.1$114.630.1%$266.569.9%
25The Greatest ShowmanFox$375.9$164.643.8%$211.256.2%
26Your Name.FUN$358.0$5.01.4%$353.098.6%
27Murder on the Orient Express (2017)Fox$350.3$102.829.4%$247.570.6%
28xXx: The Return of Xander CagePar.$346.1$44.913.0%$301.287.0%
29The Great WallUni.$334.9$45.513.6%$289.486.4%
30Resident Evil: The Final ChapterSGem$312.2$26.88.6%$285.491.4%
31The LEGO Batman MovieWB$312.0$175.856.3%$136.243.7%
32Annabelle: CreationWB (NL)$306.5$102.133.3%$204.466.7%
36Blade Runner 2049WB$259.2$92.135.5%$167.264.5%
37Get OutUni.$255.0$176.069.0%$79.031.0%
38Kung Fu YogaWGUSA$254.2$363k0.1%$253.899.9%
39Journey to the West: The Demons Strike BackSony$246.6$880k0.4%$245.799.6%
40Alien: CovenantFox$240.7$74.330.8%$166.569.2%
41Baby DriverTriS$226.9$107.847.5%$119.152.5%
42Valerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsSTX$225.9$41.218.2%$184.781.8%
44The Emoji MovieSony$217.3$86.139.6%$131.260.4%
45Smurfs: The Lost VillageSony$197.2$45.022.8%$152.277.2%
46A Dog's PurposeUni.$196.4$64.532.8%$131.967.2%
47Pitch Perfect 3Uni.$183.9$104.957.0%$79.043.0%
48Daddy's Home 2Par.$180.6$104.057.6%$76.642.4%
50The Hitman's BodyguardLG/S$176.6$75.542.7%$101.157.3%
51John Wick: Chapter TwoLG/S$171.5$92.053.6%$79.546.4%
52Ghost in the Shell (2017)Par.$169.8$40.623.9%$129.276.1%
54King Arthur: Legend of the SwordWB$148.7$39.226.3%$109.573.7%
55The PostFox$147.3$80.454.6%$66.945.4%
56The ForeignerSTX$145.4$34.423.7%$111.076.3%
57Power Rangers (2017)LGF$142.3$85.460.0%$57.040.0%
58Baahubali 2: The ConclusionGrtIndia$141.5$20.214.3%$121.385.7%
59Girls TripUni.$140.1$115.282.2%$24.917.8%
60Darkest HourFocus$138.5$55.440.0%$83.160.0%
61American MadeUni.$134.9$51.338.1%$83.561.9%
64Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MissouriFoxS$131.0$52.039.7%$79.060.3%
62A Bad Moms ChristmasSTX$130.6$72.155.2%$58.444.8%
67The Shape of WaterFoxS$126.4$57.445.4%$69.054.6%

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

man...you out of order
hollywood oscar movies are by far better than europe state tit sponsor ones

don`t you hit those oscar nominees as much

neverdeless the movies that you like are sheer entertainment , so they don`t add nothing much as cinema a art form