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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Republican Stacey Dash Gets a Boost in Congressional Race

A Strong, Black and Beautiful Conservative

  • Stacey will forcefully speak out, but are the poverty stricken voters of the district able to listen and THINK beyond the Leftist Party Line?

(Breitbart California)  -  Conservative actress Stacey Dash, who announced last month that she is running for Congress in California’s 44th district as a Republican, appears to have received an inadvertent boost from the Democratic Mayor of Compton, Aja Brown.

Mayor Brown reportedly filed federal paperwork to raise money for the race in the district, which is currently represented by Democratic Rep. Nanette Barragán (D-CA), on Tuesday. She made her candidacy official on Thursday.

Brown’s entrance into the race could increase the chances for Dash, a Republican, to qualify for the general election by splitting the vote between her and fellow Democrat, and incumbent, Aja Barragán, who won the Democratic Party’s endorsement less than two weeks ago.

California’s top-two or “jungle primary” system allows the two highest vote-getters to proceed to the general election, regardless of political party.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “61% of voters identify as Democrats while just 10% register as Republicans and 83% of district voters went for Hillary Clinton.”

Breitbart News previously reported:
In 2016, Dash launched an initiative called Dash America with the intention of energizing and empowering conservatives to take back influence in progressive-dominated Hollywood.
“I believe that instead of allowing others to divide us and hold us down, we must empower one another to rise up and unite for the sake of our great nation and the values that have made us the strongest country in the world, a true beacon of freedom for all people and all nations under God for centuries,” Dash said at the time.
44th Congressional District in Los Angeles County

California 44th Congressional District election, Nov. 2016
DemocraticNanette Barragán93,12452%
DemocraticIsadore Hall85,28948%
Total votes178,413100%
Democratic hold
Corrupt People's Republic of California one-party elections where voters are given the "choice" of voting for a Democrat or a Democrat.

Go Stacey!

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