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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

VP Pence thinks you are an idiot

Yes, they do think you are an idiot

  • The Establishment Butt-Kisser Pence is all worried about the Feds spying on Trump. Meanwhile the Feds are spying on every American. But that does not appear to bother Pence at all. 
  • He and all of the Elites think you are an idiot who does not understand the unconstitutional spy system they are creating.

(Daily Caller)  -  Vice President Mike Pence told Fox News host Sean Hannity Monday night that the “American people have a right to know” if the officials at the Justice Department and FBI abused the FISA process to secure warrants on members of the Trump campaign.

“Andrew McCabe, former deputy FBI director, said no dossier and no application for FISA warrant,” Hannity first posed. “So it played a big role.”

“They didn’t tell the court that in fact Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid for it, and then they tried to corroborate it but but it was the same source adding a Yahoo News article, so it was deceptive toward the court,” he continued. “The issue of FISA abuse is now front and center. Does it sound like FISA abuse to you?”

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Judge Napolitano On NSA Spying
The 1984 Police Surveillance State keeps growing and growing with the full support and funding of BOTH political parties.

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