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Monday, March 19, 2018

Putin Wins and Who Cares?

Russia Doesn't Matter
Apathy is underrated.  

  • The corrupt Elites and their lap dog media tell us 24-7 that we must care about Iraq or Yemen or Russia.  
  • Personally I find apathy highly rewarding. The world has had endless problems for 10,000 years. If you ignore a lot of these problems they just fade away.
  • Now the Elites will demand that we "care" about the semi-phony Russian election and its impact on the world. Well fuck that. I'm turning on Netflix and getting lost in more interesting worlds.

(The Guardian)  - Vladimir Putin cruised to victory in Sunday’s presidential elections in a result that was never in question. His fourth term as president will extend until 2024, making him the first Kremlin leader to serve two decades in power since Josef Stalin.
With results still coming in, Putin looked set to exceed expectations by clinching more than 73% of the vote.
Turnout, which was seen as a measure of the Kremlin’s legitimacy in this uncompetitive campaign, was close to 60% as of 9pm GMT. The Kremlin had hoped to match the 65% who cast votes in 2012 and had initially sought 70% turnout.
“Thank you for your support,” Putin told crowds on Manezhnaya Square just under the Kremlin walls, wearing a black down jacket with a fur hood. “Everyone who voted today is part of our big, national team.”
Asked by a journalist about whether he would consider future runs for president, he responded: “What you’re saying is just silly … what, am I going to sit here for 100 years?”
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Czar Putin
Ramanovs vs Putin
The only difference is the quality of the photoshop.

Czar Alexander III
Emperor of RussiaKing of Poland, and Grand Duke of Finland
The U.S. had no problem having close relations with the often savage and violent dictatorship of the Ramanov dynasty of Imperial Russia.
But the modern Washington Elites love to beat the drums of war and hate against modern Russian Czars in order to create foreign bogymen to distract the Sheeple voters.

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