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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Facebook Censorship - Stone Age statue is too racy

Retard Alert
Facebook Protects America From Boobs

  • When the Leftist Retards at Facebook are not deleting Conservative sites they are censoring classical works of art.
  • We are moving not just to Fascism but to a Taliban-style society where grown adults must be "protected" from seeing boobs or speaking words that might hurt people's feelings.

(Reason)  -  A pudgy little figure with wide hips and ample breasts, the Venus of Willendorf was discovered in 1908 but originally dates to the Stone Age. 
One of the oldest surviving art works in the world, the limestone sculpture now resides in Vienna's Natural History Museum, where a woman named Laura Ghianda snapped a pic last December and then posted the image to Facebook.
It was promptly removed. A notice from Facebook explained that the naked figure was inappropriate for the social site.
According to the company's official policy, "photographs of paintings, sculptures, and other art that depicts nude figures" are allowed. But despite four attempts by Ghianda to appeal the image's removal, Facebook wouldn't budge.
The Natural History Museum also appealed to Facebook. "There has never been a complaint by visitors concerning the nakedness of the figurine," Christian Koeberl, the museum's director general, posted in January. 
"There is no reason...to cover the Venus of Willendorf and hide her nudity, neither in the museum nor on social media."
The museum's plea also failed to get a reaction from Facebook. But after news media began running with the story this week, the company finally caved. On Thursday, a spokesperson for the company told AFP that it had been a mistake to censor the Venus of Willendorf's image and apologized for the error.
This is far from the first time the site has censored artistic depictions of nudity (sometimes even leading to a user's account being banned from Facebook entirely), and surely won't be the last.
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Facebook needs to protect us from classical art.

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really ?!
how funny that was
the playmate of those years got nothing to do with the ones in last XX century decades
if those men in those times saw those XX last decades century playmates , they will race to "mamute alley " to grab some meat