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Saturday, March 10, 2018

AFL-CIO, United Steel Workers Praise Trump for Tariffs

Trump Tries To Make
Union Members Republicans

  • The Blue Collar Billionaire turned the Electoral College Map on its head. By appealing to working Americans he flipped solid Blue states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania creating a new path to victory for a Nationalist Conservative Movement.
  • The problem is the slogan of the open borders GOP is "We will send your middle class jobs to Asia."   
  • The Globalist Wall Street funded GOP Elites would rather lose the White House than win elections by protecting the jobs of American workers.

(CNS News)  -  Two major union leaders praised President Donald Trump for imposing steel tariffs that they’ve been trying – unsuccessfully - “for decades” to get from Democrats. 
Both United Steel Workers President Leo Gerard and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka took to MSNBC Wednesday to tout the tariffs and deride the Democrats.

"What he did is what we’ve been fighting for for more than 30 years," Gerard said. "What makes me sad is we’ve been trying to get Democrats to do this for more than 30 years." "Donald Trump was able to see the steel worker agenda," Gerard said, adding that "It’s going to make it very hard for our members to ignore what he just did."

"We’ve been advocating for the use of tariffs to make sure that cheaters stop cheating for over a decade right now," Trumka said in his appearance.
The tariffs won’t just help the steel industry, but will benefit the entire nation, Trumka said:
"We need to protect our industry from cheating. That is what these tariffs can do. We’re excited about it and we think it is good for the country but we think it is good for the industry."
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