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Friday, March 2, 2018

More Conservative Channels Targeted by YouTube

Ashton Whitty's Channel

Leftist Scum Can't Stand Free Speech
  • As Conservative voices are being censored the GOP, as usual, has vanished like a fart in the wind.  Silence from the "Conservative" GOP is their specialty. 

Conservative YouTube commentator Ashton Whitty has been further sanctioned on the platform after she criticized the unverified claims of a Parkland student.

In the video titled “Florida Shooting Parents Teach Your Children,” which has since been removed by YouTube, Whitty criticized certain students’ attempts to become famous media personalities following the school shooting, and pointed out flaws in one student’s claims, including her claim that there was more than one shooter involved.

“YouTube is not a platform for things like predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, bullying, or intimidation,” claimed YouTube in their email to Whitty. “We take this issue seriously and there are no excuses for such behavior.”

As well as having the video removed, Whitty also received a “strike” from YouTube on her channel. When a channel reaches three strikes, it is removed.

Whitty was previously sanctioned and censored by YouTube this week for another video, titled “Is CNN Coaching Kids,” which criticized CNN’s exploitation of the Parkland students for political gain, however, the video was reinstated two days later.

YouTube is targeting conservative channels, saying our commentary is ‘bullying’ yet they allow Southern Poverty Law Center to hunt us like rabbits, strip away our voices like the skin, and grill anyone slightly right of Karl Marx with the term ‘fascist,'” claimed Whitty in an email to Breitbart Tech. “When YouTube or any other large platform targets me, it doesn’t so much scare me. If anything, it just makes me angry and I let that anger motivate me.”

“I grew up in Berkeley, California, where I was raised by a family of limousine liberals who silenced me my entire life and when I decided to come out of the conservative closet, they exiled me,” she continued. “If I can stand losing my entire family for having a voice, I can handle a few Internet warlords.”

It is currently unknown if YouTube will reinstate Whitty’s video, as they did with the last, and remove the channel strike.

Other conservative YouTube channels have also been sanctioned for criticizing or examining aspects of the Parkland shooting news cycle.

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Ashton Whitty


Anonymous said...

really ?
what a surprise

Anonymous said...

in europe is worst
theres almost no free speech for the center right , and none for the right and extreme right
only the center left can hold theirs cause they put fear on the extreme left cause the mobsters from the center left are even more resolute and fierce than the extreme left social terrorists , social professionals agitators , and even the "sleep extreme left hidden armed ones"
the center left are more resourcefull on to "kept" a hidden force that can deliver , on a continent without freedom to kept a armed regulated militia from the people ...
europeans are bound to sheppery till 1945 , as they trade social slavery , for pride and honour

Anonymous said...

on a land is with only the cops and mobsters got guns ... freedom is only a word

Anonymous said...

thats why the bulwark of democracy in out of europe