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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hillary aide suffers "memory loss" during questioning

A deadly disease that often strikes Beltway political hacks.

(World Net Daily)  -  Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff during her four years as secretary of state, demonstrated a repeated inability to recall key information about her former boss’s private, unsecured email server in a deposition with Judicial Watch, according to a 270-page transcript released Tuesday.
In testimony Friday that lasted seven hours, three attorneys representing Mills and four from the Justice Department interrupted Judicial Watch attorneys approximately 250 times, shouting “objection” to argue why Mills should not answer the question posed.
When Mills finally did answer, she responded “I don’t recall” 40 times and “I don’t know” to another 182 questions. Her testimony was characterized by pleading she was too busy, too stressed or not sufficiently expert to have appreciated the legal implications of Hillary Clinton’s decision to use two BlackBerry phones to conduct her official State Department correspondence via a personal server in her Chappaqua, New York, residence.
Despite Mills’ obvious attempts to avoid answering direct questions asked by Judicial Watch attorneys, Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch president, told WND the deposition included valuable information that he estimated would be very important as the other Judicial Watch depositions in the Clinton email scandal develop.
“We now know more than we did prior to Mills’ testimony regarding the Clinton email system,” Fitton told WND, “but there remain many important questions yet to be answered.”
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