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Monday, May 16, 2016

Poverty "Expert" Bails on buying $2.1 Million Home After Media Attention

"Poverty" in a $2.1 million home

Playing the "Racial Justice" card
for cold hard cash

  • It is a cold and cruel world out there so I have no problem with people doing what they have to do to legally make a buck.  But you have to laugh at loons beating the "racial justice" card while buying a luxury home to live in.

(Heat Street)  -  Ta-Nehisi Coates, the award-winning journalist and author specializing in racial justice and black poverty, has cancelled plans to move into the posh Brooklyn brownstone he recently purchased for $2.1 million, citing personal safety concerns amid a storm of unwanted media attention.

The New York Post was first to report on the purchase, which was conducted through a limited-liability corporation established by Coates and his wife in an effort to conceal their identity.
Coates has become a prominent thought-leader in part due to the success of his 2015 memoir, “Between the World and Me,” a letter to his son about the history of racial injustice in America. It was one of the most discussed books in the country among university faculty members and New York Times subscribers, and won the National Book Award for non-fiction.

Coates, who used the proceeds from the successful memoir to finance the purchase of the brownstone in the Prospect-Leffert Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn.

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I guess buying a luxury $2.1 million home helps
ease the "pain" of living in a black body.

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