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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Saturday, May 14, 2016

GOP to hold "pretend" impeachment hearings

Remember this smirking prick?

Yet Another GOP Fuck Up

  • You might as well have Nancy Pelosi in charge of Congress. The GOP "leadership" is a steaming pile of lying crap.
  • The House could have held IRS impeachment hearings long, long ago. But I think the Establishment GOP had no problem with Comrade Obama's IRS targeting that pesky Tea Party. After all, "crazy" Constitutionalists only cause trouble for the corrupt Elites of both parties.
  • Now the GOP will hold "pretend" impeachment hearings that will go nowhere.

(Washington Times)  -  House Republicans on Friday announced hearings to investigate whether IRS Commissioner John Koskinen misled Congress and violated a subpoena, taking the first steps that could ultimately lead to his impeachment over the tax agency’s tea party targeting.
Impeachment is still very unlikely, particularly given the short amount of work days left in this Congress and in the Obama administration’s tenure overall.
But conservatives are intent on exploring Mr. Koskinen’s actions after the IRS was ordered to preserve and turn over documents related to targeting of tea party groups — and particularly emails from former senior executive Lois G. Lerner.
Mr. Koskinen’s accusers say he failed to comply with a congressional subpoena on those documents, and instead he allowed backup tapes of the emails to be destroyed.
He also said his agency was unable to find the backups of some of Mrs. Lerner’s emails — but the IRS’s own internal auditor was able to discover thousands of them with little effort. The internal auditor concluded that the agency erased 422 backup tapes that should have been protected by the subpoena.
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Freedom of Speech was targeted by
Comrade Obama's corrupt IRS and
the GOP did NOTHING.

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