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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SHOCK POLL - Millennials ditching Clinton in mass in favor of Donald Trump

A Trump Landslide Cometh?

  • Even at this early stage The Donald is tightening the poll numbers with the Hildabeast in a number of key areas.

(ABC News)  -  The gap between Clinton and Trump on some issues has narrowed considerably, another sign of Trump’s consolidation as he’s apparently sewn up the nomination.
  • Remarkably, Clinton is only running evenly with Trump among 18- to 29-year-olds –- a key Sanders support group that’s looking ever-more resistant to her nomination. In March, Clinton led Trump among under-30s by 39 percentage points, 64-25 percent. Today they split 45-42 percent.

 Terrorism & Immigration
  • In March she led him by 14 points among all adults in trust to handle terrorism; it’s a non-significant 3-point gap today. 
  • Her lead on trust to handle immigration has moved from 19 points to 9; and on trust to handle an international crisis, from 29 points to 19.
  • Americans in March by 62-34 percent said they wanted someone with political experience, rather than an outsider, for president. Today that’s narrowed to 52-43 percent, and among registered voters it’s an essentially even 48-47 percent split. 
  • Tightening has occurred in expectations, as well. Americans by 50-40 percent say they expect Clinton to win vs. Trump. That’s closed from 59-36 percent in March, but remains a continued advantage for her. 

Support groups –- and changes among groups –- are highly revealing.
  • Trump now leads Clinton by 22 points among men; he was +5 among men in March.
  • Trump, further, now has a 24-point lead over Clinton among whites who are registered to vote, up from 9 points in March.
  • A key breakdown among whites is by education. Working-class white men – i.e., those who lack a four-year-college degree – favor Trump by an overwhelming 76-14 percent. That shrinks to still-substantial Trump advantages of 36 points among college educated white men.

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